Tell Me Dr. Vinod Kumar,"Do You have Doctorate Certificate for Your Natural Healthy Lifestyle Consultancy?"

Question by Patient 

Tell Me Dr. Vinod Kumar,"Do You have Doctorate Certificate for Your Healthy Life Style Consultancy?" Tell me more about your Credentials also which would be helpful if you can kindly give references of people who have been treated with your type of treatment.

Answer by Me

Dear, first of all if anybody wants to make or any body who helps other to make good healthy life style without medicine and without surgery, there is no need of any academic or professional degree from any university. Only need the truthful duty to follow the strict rules of nature of God for keep healthy myself and others. 

 From psychological point of view, you have asked your question due to fear and doubtful thinking. I give healthy life style consultancy who have trust on me blind. Otherwise, there are big number of Doctors of medicine in the market who have all degrees and certificates, you can consult them. I am teacher to teach you how to live healthy life without medicine and I focus only to improve your diet plan and exercise and overcome your all negative emotions and relief to you from health stress by yog, meditation and asanas. As natural healthy lifestyle consultant and Doctor, I have self confidence which I have already proved for treating successful patients of all chronic diseases and patients are not one city but whole the world from UAE, UK, India and 
Australia and lots of other countries. 

Ok, Now, we are come to focus on your question's answer. It is truth, I have no official degree. Because there is no connection of my success as Doctor of my patients and my degree.  Yes, I am practicing Natural Healthy Life Style since 2005 ( 14+ years). Read more at my profile

Yes, I have big list of Credentials, testimonials and success stories and case studies of the patients who have totally cured their chronic diseases  from my healthy life style training.

Watch all credentials, testimonials and success stories at here. In which you find that patients of hernia, heart patients, depression patients, varicocele patients and all other type of patients have fully cured without medicine and without surgery with my personal treatment. 

If you want to know my personal fitness achievements, you can read and watch at here

Except above, I have 200+ YouTube Videos, 12 Lakh + Views and 22000+ Subscribers and 1000+ comments on the videos  are giving the witness of the quality and success of my Natural healthy life style consultancy. See at here.

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