How to Overcome Spasmo Proxyvon Plus Capsule Naturally

Question by Patient

 Hello sir, I am from andhra pradesh. Sir I have addicted to a medicine called   spasmo proxyvon plus
  since 2 years. Please help me from this to get rid of these medicine.

Answer by Me

You also know that this capsule is used for severe acute pain relief ( IF You have pain due to IBS, treat naturally at here ) but it has big side effects like constipation and sleepiness and both will damage your intestine and body. Our body is working on the basis of movement. If you will sleep more, it is not sleep, it is laziness and effect of this medicine and it will make you physically weak.

Moreover no medicine gives any relief. If you feel relief, it is just temporary pleasure to your mind through feel good few minutes or hrs. But after this, you will get only pain, suffering and sadness.

1st Step :

First of all, promise yourself to treat all pain through naturopathy. I do not knwo which type of you have pain but I treated almost all the pain naturally in my swami dayanand naturopathy hospital channel. You can search also your pain in our same website and see the video to cure your pain without this medicine. With this, more use of this medicine will control.

2nd Step : 

Follow our Video, "How to Overcome Medicine addiction?"

In following video, we have explained its simple steps.

3rd Step : 

Ask our personal treatment for overcome your this medicine addiction at our whatsapp no. +91-9356234925

Thankfulness and Courtesy

Google Search Engine for use and side effects knowledge. 


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