How to Stop Bad Habits - Dr. Vinod Kumar

If you want to stop your bad habits, its only one rule, your determination to stop your all bad habits.

If you promise yourself that you will never be involved in bad habits, you will get the following benefits.

1. You will healthy all time.
2. You can increase the happiness level
3. You can increase your peace level. 

There are lots of bad habits like not get up early in the morning. eating outside food and eating wrong food but one of the biggest bad habits is alcohol addiction. 

In starting, it is very easy to remove this. 

Promise yourself, I will not drink alcohol

I am sharing my story

In my college time, there is a gang that was interested to add me to the same gang. So, they try to break my good habits. They offered me to drink alcohol. But I was determined and I rejected their offer. Now, this is 21 years old. I never drink alcohol from my childhood.

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