5 Top Cervical Pain Relief Exercises ( in GIF )

 GIF is animated picture helps to perform your exercise. Following are our top  Cervical Pain Relief Exercises in GIF. Learn and do

1. Neck Hand Twist Exercise 

 If you want to get cervical pain relief, you can do the neck hand twist exercise. Slowly capture the left head with right hand  carry it right side. Now, take the capture of right head with left hand  and carry neck left side. Great

Now do its 4 Set and 10 Reps each 

2. Do Neck Stretching Exercises

In this exercise, we have to up and down our neck. It brings the flexibility in the muscles of neck and your neck pain will remove with this. 

Do : 4 Set  : 10 reps each morning and evening

3. Full Neck Rotation Exercise

First of all, you rotate 10 times to right side clock form your neck and then left side rotate your neck like anti clock direction.

4. Exercise the hands up and down

This exercise will relief neck pain. For this, you have to up your hands and then down your hands. Do this 10 to 20 times 

5. Squeeze Your Neck

Squeezing your neck is very helpful to flexibility in neck muscles. Do morning, afternoon and evening this exercise and you get neck pain relief. 

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