Hiatal hernia Treatment without Surgery

 Today we will teach you how you can cure a hiatal hernia without operation and surgery because the surgery which has its own side effects which is not a permanent solution for its treatment. But sometimes the same problem comes again if lifestyle is not improved. So let's learn how we can fix it. First of all we will know what is Hiatal or Hiatus Hernia.

 What is Hiatal or Hiatus Hernia

According to me, God gave you a great chance to be healthy in this world but you made many health mistakes. And because of that this problem happened, then you repeated the mistakes and did not bring corrections at all. We sent food in the stomach pouch that should not be eaten in our food pipe. Or made such a messy lifestyle that acid starts to form in this food pipe and stomach. You already know that there is a diaphragm under our lungs, there is a ring in the middle of it, we call it hiatal ring. As soon as it worsens, acid starts to form again and again and this gastric or what we call stomach pouch comes on top of the diaphragm and widens the hiatal ring, then this is called hiatal hernia or hiatus hernia.


1. you will start to have a lot of acids

2. ate something and drank it will not be digested

3. indigestion 

4. there will be blood loss

5. will be heartburn

6. there will be burning in the chest

We can cure it by correcting our lifestyle mistakes.

That's why I have made it a rule of success

Success = opportunity^Improvement

If you get only two chances and follow my seven reforms then your chances of success will increase 128 times.

Come now let's learn the process of treatment of this hernia.

 1. Stop taking medicines

English medicines which are given to eliminate acid are very hot and after some time this medicine stops working and it makes the breakage of your hiatal ring bigger because instead of reducing the gastric swelling. is increased by

2. Use Brahmacharya as medicine

The great Ayurveda Acharya Dhanwantri ji had also said the same thing. He was also a Maharishi who taught good character building.

 know what he said

मृत्युव्याधिजरानाशी पीयूष परमषधम

ब्रह्मचर्य महदर्तन सत्यमय वदाम्यहम

That is, to destroy all diseases, old age and death, brahmacharya is the only great medicine. I'm telling the truth. If you want peace, beauty, memory, wisdom, health and good children, then you must practice brahmacharya.

Let us understand how we can follow celibacy, celibacy would mean that whatever food we eat first becomes juice, then blood is formed, then mass, then Medha, then bone, then marrow and lastly becomes sement in men and Raj is formed in woman , this is known as Vital Energy, this power will completely cure this disease .

I try to explain to you with an example, I am working at the moment and my room's light and fan is running, if I go somewhere then I should turn off my fan and light otherwise it will be a waste of electrical energy. And I will have to pay electricity bill more than my reach. And to pay that bill, I have to do double my hard work. And my dream of financial freedom will remain unfulfilled.

Similarly, if you have this problem or you are destroying your vital energy in eight mathun, then this problem of yours will not be cured.

You just have to collect this power of yours and focus on Om and then same energy heal your problem.

If someone is married, then this power can be used only to have children, otherwise, brahmacharya should protect this power and use it to cure diseases. Can give a hindrance in healing, so do not listen to the words of our ancient sages. Because by misuse of this power our 10 senses, you become weak and that blood is not produced and 7 metals are not made from it and due to which your disease is not cured.

 3. Stop eating hot peppers, garam masala, refined oil and outside packets.

All this acid is formed and increases your disease, so don't forget to eat them.

4. Eat 60% of the total food intake every day

There are many fruits of the season, eat them like

Mango, Pomegranate, Abrud, Pear and Babukosha, Khopa Gadi. By eating these your disease will be cured.

5. Waking up in the morning and sleeping  early at night

By doing this your body will get full rest. It is said that rest is the best medicine. The process of self-healing will be faster and new cells will be formed and your hernia will be cured without operation. But you have a habit of working late at night, due to which you do not give time to nature to fix the problem and do not wake up early in the morning and do not allow the stomach to be cleaned.

6. Exercise and walk everyday

This will help in the digestion of food and will not allow acid to form. You only have to walk 20 kilometers on foot every day. You also have to exercise for 1 hour, then see how much freshness comes in you. And this disease of yours becomes a small mantra.

take inspiration from me

today I did 15 mins running

100+ Ram idol punished

Also did some weight lifting

7. Every Day Do meditation to eliminate stress

Stress ends by doing meditation, which ends the production of negative hormones in the brain and this problem of yours ends soon where negative hormones are not made and only positive hormones are made to take positive action.

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