How does one succeed in life?

The main road to success in life passes through this

1. your concentration

2. you have a big goal

3. Self-confidence

4. positive thinking

5. habit of saving

6. imagination power

7. control yourself

8. ability to lead

9. enthusiasm in mind

10. charming character

11. tolerance

12. The spirit of cooperation

Now you tell me if you follow brahmacharya, will you not get these things? Absolutely get it When you will get these things then no one can stop your success in any field.


you from brahmacharya

gets the concentration

gets the imagination

is in control of oneself

get the ability to lead

generates enthusiasm

makes for an attractive character

get positive thinking

get stamina

creates a sense of cooperation

Even if your aim is to earn money and want to become rich, then it is necessary to follow celibacy to achieve this success.

Because money is not available without effort, Lakshmi always remains under the control of effort. Because the one who always destroys the semen cannot make any effort and does not have the effort to protect wealth, due to which Lakshmi is not protected and Lakshmi goes to some other person. and you don't get success

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