100 Benefits of Brahmacharya - Part 5


Welcome part 5 of 100 Benefits of Brahmacharya. Read part 1, part 2part 3 and part 4 first. 

21st Benefit of Brahmacharya - Get Mastery on Emotions 

One of the great benefits of brahmacharya following. With this, you will become the mastery on emotions. Do you know that Anger comes from Sex? How when anyone disturbs your desire, you feel angry. For example, your habit is to bathe at 7 am and everyone knows in the family that you bathe at 7 am. After knowing it, your brother went to the bathroom at 7 am to distracting you. What to do. You will be angry. Simple. Your desire did not fulfill and anger energy will come to fight and win your desire. World's biggest desire is Sex after crossing childhood. If a person whose sexual desire did not fulfill, he or she will be angry who is berrier in his or her desire and after this he or she fights with angry words. Then what will happen, his or her memory power of the brain will remove. On removing the memory power, he or she does not care who is his or her front and starts to insult or doing actions without Dharma. From this, he or she destroys his or her life. That is the path of destruction.

See it again

Sex Desire > Distrub in Sex Desire > Anger > Loss of Memory Power > Loss the brain ability of judgement > 

His or Her Every Action Destroy of Own Life 

But the great thing is that it never happens with the follower of brahmacharya. With brahmacharya, you can easily your sex desire. By controlling your sex desire, you can control your all desire. By controlling your desires, you can control your mind. By controlling your mind, you can master of your emotions. No anger can come in your mind. Only peace and happiness keep in your mind. All positive emotions will be come. With this, your memory power will be the highest level. Your each action will touch the heart of every person which will be connected with you. 

With overcome your anger, you will also win related negative emotions

1. No anger means no jealousy

2. No anger means no hate

3. No anger means no revenge

4. No anger means aggressive nature

5. No anger means no bad action and no bad action means no guilt

No anger means better ability to manage emotions in thinking and better manage the emotions in thinking means better thinking level. 

 22nd  Benefit of Brahmacharya - Power to Inspire the World 

To follow the brahmacharya is just like walk on the sword edge. But who has walked on the sword edge inspired the whole world?

They were inspired by Great focus on Goal 

By the following brahmacharya, great personality has done extraordinary. The biggest inventions are the proof of the great focus on scientists because, during the time of invention, they only focus to achieve the goal. Automatically, lust never comes in the mind. With this, focus, they grow in the path of his goal. The goal has been achieved. 

They inspired by their Character and Discipline in the life

Story No. 1 

We inspired from Shatarpati Shivaji. He was great follower of brahmacharya. Once, his commander won the woman in the fight and wanted to give him to do sex with her. But great words were spoken by Shatrapati Shiva Ji after seeing the same woman

You are so beautiful. If my mother was like you, I would also be beautiful. But no issue, from today, I am feeling my mother in you and feel also the same beauty as your son. 

Dear commanders all you won the women like this in the war are my mothers. Care for them like my own mother. 

This type of character inspires the whole world. They make their own character and their character makes them great. 

 Story No. 2

Once a woman came to swami Dayanand for breaking his brahmacharya. She told I want to marry you and I want to sex with you. Please accept my request. Swami Dayanand told, you are my mother. I am seeing my own mother in you. Nothing is seeing in you except my own mother.  you are worshiped as my mother After listening to mother, mother, mother and mother from the tongue of Swami Dayanand Sarawati. The woman started weeping and fallen on his foot and told, please forgive me, I was blind due to my own sex desire but your purity of mind opens my eyes. Swami Dayanand told her, please follow the brahmacharya, there is no your mistake, every buyer checks the pot by adding the water in it and see if there is hole, buyer rejects. You did the same.  Because Brahmacharya is great taste and when this taste will come, other desire does not disturb. Purity will automatically come. 

Is these words does not inspire you? Focus and strength of own character come with brahmacharya. 

 23rd  Benefit of Brahmacharya - More Time to Do What you Love 

Brahmacharya helps you to free from slave. Slavery of sex desire. Slavery for spending the time in it. Slavery to waste the time in it. Slave has no right to do what he or she love. He only do what his or her sex-addicted mind gives the command. Love is the power of the Soul but lust kills it. 

In this world, you came once. Never repeat or you can not go back for living your life different way. So, everyone have the dreams. You have also. 

You want to be powerful. 

You want to get success

You want to grow your muscles. 

You want to be attractive

You want to do all the actions for what you love. Your love is to see yourself as powerful, successful, strong muscled person and attractive. But with following the brahmacharya all is impossible because for making power, success and attraction, you have to workout on your mind. If mind does not focus to positive actions, you come with so many excuses why you are failure to do what you love. 

1. I can not make my power because last night I faced nightfall

But if you have followed brahmacharya and saved yourself with 8 mathun. Never  see, read or listen any lustfull thing in offline and online, no nightfall come and you will encourage to workout and become powerful and do every action what you love.

2. I am unable to focus on my passion for getting success and be attractive for all by becoming famous

It means, the distraction of your focus is your excuse. But, for follower of brahmacharya, this excuse never become as barrier. Because Brahmacharya follower got huge focus as god gift. They have focus like tiger because they have target and die without achieving same goal. No beauty to Virya Veg is their problem. All virya flow possitive to achieve the passion. If singing is your passion, with brahmacharya maa sarswati will happy on you and you will become great singer. You want to become great scientist. It is possible with worship of brahmacharya. 

24th  Benefit of Brahmacharya - Recovery of Injury Fast 

For recovery of an injury fast, needs more new blood. When there is a road accident or any accident in home or anywhere, your skin, bone, the vein may damage and need more and more blood cells to heal it naturally within 2 to 7 days. 

But if your past record is bad. Due to your stress, due to masturbation, due to bad company, due to sex, you have wasted your Virya or Rj (in female), your digestion and liver will not strong. With weak digestion system and liver, your blood will not make fast. 

But one of great benefits of Brahmacharya, first his unused virya will go to the injury place and heal it fastly. Second, a person with brahmacharya follower have strong digestion and every eaten food will become blood and heal his all inside and outside injury. So, brother, project your Virya each drop. Dear sister, protect your Rj each egg. Do not waste on the earth. 

Every, I desire, the health of whole world, still, I recommend, every person should save money for an emergency. I have saved some money for emergencies. Same applies on Virya and Rj saving. 

25th  Benefit of Brahmacharya - Clarity of Mind

 Clarity of mind helps to take decisions fast. Suppose, you are driving the car and the front is not cloud. Road is Clear. You can drive there with the speed of 100 km/ h and you will reach your goal very fastly where you want to go. Are you agree with me.

If the road is full of clouds, full of raining water, your speed will slow. you will be more fearful whether you will reach your goal or not, you will start more care. Yes or no. All things will create big barrier. 

In your mind, same happens or not. 

You may have the goal to do study and top the class or to become financial freedom who to be fit and healthy or grow your spiritual level but if there no clear your mind, your mind will always go to see more and more lustful things. Search more and more on search engine lustful things. After this, there will be regret why did you do this. Again go there and waste your time. Mind started to confuse in the life because brain energy will zero. The brain is tool of mind if it is dead, mind will feel helpless. 

But Follower of the brahmacharya goes only to achieve the goal. His mind thinks to see all lustful things as poison and snake. He or she kills the same snake when it attacks on his or her mind. 

Mind becomes totally free space out of negative and lustful thoughts. Now, blank space will have the space to bring wonderful ideas to achieve the goal fastly. It has use its own 5th gear to achieve the goal fast and it has its own speeder. So, always follow the brahmacharya.

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