What are the health risks of obesity and common cures?

 Obesity comes from bad life style. Bad life style comes from bad habits of eating, laziness and negative response to environment.

Following are the main risks of obesity.

  1. Heart attack because more chances of your body fat becomes your barrier in your heart arteries.
  2. Arthritis and body bone pains
  3. Harmon imbalance
  4. Fatty liver
  5. Diabetes
  6. High bp
  7. Enlarge spleen
  8. Infection
  9. Eyes problem
  10. Nervous system disorder
  11. Low immunity and high chance of lung disease
  12. Reproduction diseases

Main cause of obesity

  1. Not eating natural food like fruits and salad in daily life.
  2. Eating more salty and sugar stuffs
  3. Eating more refined oil food
  4. Eating packed food
  5. Eating factory food like bread and biscuits
  6. Not doing exercises
  7. Not walking
  8. Taking more stress in mind
  9. Not thinking positive
  10. Thinking negative
  11. Not improving health mistakes
  12. More settings

Now what is solution

I have given solution in this video


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