Is there any treatment without surgery

 Yes, all the treatment whether it is hernia treatment, fistula, pile, lipoma, kidney stone, gallbladder stone or fissure without surgery are possible. For this, you need to increase your believe system for nature. You have to think nature has big power to heal your body without surgery. 

I am starting to give you best answer with a simple example which I am repeating on many plateform during explaining natural healing system.

Visualize this Example 

See above rat in cage. There are two options to withdraw the rat from cage. One is to break the cage and second is just open the gate which did not lock. There is no need to break the cage in order to get the rat out of the cage, it is the great skill of a doctor  who can cure the sick without surgery of  the human body cage because during breaking cage, rat may be murdered by you.

As Natural life style doctor, I focus to change the life style of patients. It is just like pressure on gate which will easily open. Because good habits are the door of success. and bad habits are the door of failure. When my patients changed the habits of eating and thinking. They eat good and they think good. Their body fully transformed and they healed from all chronic diseases without surgery.

2. Doubt is Negativity and Believe is Positivity

If you want to treat without surgery, you need to remove the doubt because it is big negativit, you have to start believe. it is great positivity. you have to believe on nature and its power.

Negativity is like diseasful fruit and it will increase the disease in other fruit. 

Never bring negativity if you want to treat without surgery.

Following are main negativity

1. It is impossible

2. Nothing will heal without surgery

3. Come and do surgery and enjoy the movies, music

Remember, dreamers achieves when other watch the movies, watch the music and give up, they work hard, work hard, work hard, work hard day and night. For example, I gave promise myself to write 5 content in a day that is reason, I am working hard and I can achieve the goal if you want to heal without surgery, you have to follow all rules day and night with full hard work and you will achieve your goal.

If you want to success fast, you have to do hard work twice.

Never say

I am hurry, I can not wait the power of nature.

Even after surgery, do you take gaurantee, it will be permanent.

I want to heal naturally but I have chronic disease

Think more positve, if you have chronic disease, it has more chance to heal naturally because you will be high failure, you can become better learner what are causes of my biggest fail and reaching me at this level and you will become student of nature and learnt better way if it will acute, you may ignore it or ignored it but now fully responsible. So, start to eat fruits, walk  long, get up morning and sleep early and laugh daily that are the way of healing without surgery. 

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