Please Help to Cure Hernia without Surgery

Fiancée of Patient : Hello Dr Kumar, Please I need your help, Is about my fiance. He is suffering from abdominal pain and he also deficates regularly. Am from Ghana please. We have come to know that it is hernia. So can you please help him to cure it. This is his first time experiencing hernia.

Dear Fiancée of Patient, I can understand your and patient's feeling. Now, we are taking process to cure him. Just coporate me.

First Step : Learn  "How to Relief Hernia Pain"

First of All, he has to get relief his hernia abdominal pain. I have already explain this at this tutorial. Please read and start to follow to come out of emergency pain situation. 

This steps' sub steps are below.

 1. Wear Support Clothes

 2. Use less quantity of Food

3. Decrease Body Weight

4.Use Best Stretch for Hernia

5.  Stop all bad eating habits 

6.  Best Self- Healing Therapy - Cold+ Hot water bath.

Second Step : Treat Loose Motion or Constipation

IF he also deficates regularly. No issue but if there is loose motion or constipation, both has to serious and taken natural treatment of them first. 

 Third Step : Treatment of Hernia Without Surgery

There are lots of types of hernia. But good news is that all can cure naturally without operation and surgery. Process of treatment of hernia without surgery is step by step which I have explained in past tutorial

Its english version is below. 

We briefly explain its sub steps

1. Clean Your intestine

2. Walk 20 kms daily

3. Stop to eat non-veg. eggs, oily and fast food and sweet

4. Do stomach muscles exercises

5. Eat more and more fruits, daliya and other green vegetables.

6. Drink more water

Fourth Step : Never Worry and Feel Anxiety

As Doctor, I can understand your feel. Any unacceptable first experience brings worry and anxiety in mind and stress on our brain. 

But remember

Both worry and anxiety will misguide your brain and body. Tell me if you will feel worry and anxiety, will you take good decision or bad decision.

So, first step is to relax your mind

Start Every morning this Breathing exercise to relax your mind. One side your mind will relax and second side pure oxygen will go to hernia area skin and plays important role to heal it fastly. 


Following are its steps. 

1. 5 minute Long breathing
2. 5 Minute - 5 set 1 minute each breathing holding
3. 1.2  minutes 2 set each breathing holding
4. 2 minute - only 1 set  breathing holding

Please download my natural hernia treatment ebook or take personal treatment at my whatsapp +91-9356234925

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