How to Relief Hernia Pain

 In previous lecture, I told you the simple steps to cure hernia naturally. In this lecture, I will mention the steps to relief hernia pain naturally without eating of any pain killer. Following are simple steps for getting relief of hernia pain naturally.

 1. Wear Support Clothes

If you have the hernia, it is sure, your internal skill of abdominal has torn. So, you are feeling pain when intestine come out from hole. So, you need to support tear part of internal skin of abdominal part, you should use cotton clothe. Just half feet size and length as per your stomach size cotton cloth. Tie it where you are feeling pain. You can wrap up all the parts of pain.

 2. Use less quantity of Food

Some people have bad habit of eating too much food together. After facing hernia, they make same routine. This is wrong. They have to eat small quantity of food. If they have hunger, they can eat next time. So, first food will digest easily without giving pain on hernia hole. There is already burden in intestine. So, eat small but digest it with 32 times good chewing. With this, you will get good results and you will get the relief from hernia pain.

3. Decrease Body Weight

For decreasing your body weight, you need to fast every week and walk 20 kms per day. It will decrease your weight fastly and without any harming your current situation. You also should do the exercise morning and evening. It will burn your fat and you will get relief from hernia pain.

 4. Use Best Stretch for Hernia 

Understand best stretch for hernia. First of all, Lie down on the back. Take a cloth and with the help of two hands, bring foot of each leg upward. With this, you will get relief.

5. Stop all bad eating habits

See past video for stopping all bad eating habits. Stop to eat non-veg., eggs, meat. Stop to drink cold water and tea. Stop to eat sugar food.

6. Best Self- Healing Therapy - Cold+ Hot water bath.

If you will give cold and hot water bath to your stomach, it will release attached dust on intestine and you will feel relief hernia pain.

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