What foods help in increasing immunity?

 Increase immunity in the lap of nature . Here are some important natural foods from direct nature as given below :

  1. Tulsi : It is antibacterial, antiflu, antibiotique ,anticancer, anti inflammatory, useful in cough and cold, fever ,strengthen lungs , helpful in skin diseases, relieves stress, kidney stones, helpful in toothache.
  2. Neem leaf : Purifies blood, fights infection , antibacterial, antifungal, clears toxin.
  3. Giloy : Purifies blood, helpful in diabetes, relieves stress. strengthen lungs , antiaging, helpful in arithritis, fever. One can consume either leaf or the stem juice.
  4. Peepal leaf: Useful in jaundice, heart problems, diabetes, fever, constipation, gas , acidity, injury, itiching, toothache.
  5. Bael : Helpful in asthma, cold, food poisoning, jaundice, cholesterol, diabetes, controls weight gain. One can consume either leaf or the fruit.

Instructions of consumption :

  1. One can take 1–10 leaves as per requirement of body and boil in water for 3–5 minutes then drink the water at normal temperature on an empty stomach.
  2. One can take half teaspoon of the leaf powder with water on an empty stomach.
  3. One can chew 2–3 leaves as per requirement of body and drink water on an empty stomach.

There are many other natural foods that boosts immunity like amla, guava leaf etc.

Watch these wonderful videos for more information and even have the golden opportunity of taking free advice from the respected naturopathy doctor as per your wish during this COVID-19 lockdown as given below :

Content has written by Our Volunteer : Anindita

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