3rd and final day of my silence fast ( know what I learnt )

 1. People feels anxiety fastly if anything  which they don't see in past. They don't accept present.

2. Some time people don't understand what we have to teach them. Same is also nature. It is also teaching through its action because it is not a human language. So, we could not understand and we eat medicine. For example, there is pain in body, it means, nature wants to teach, you have ate bad food in past and results is pain but due to not understanding, you go doctor and get pain killer injection and increase your pain more instead heal. 

3. It helps to teach others in body language

4. Being dumb help to understand the power of God. There are big talking in everyone silence.

5. We start to give more credit who teach us when we are in being dumb. Normal tongue is Full of ego and hide teacher to give credit. 

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