Why do Females get their periods

 Did girls don't want inside cleaness. 

Did God do not want purity and cleaness inside the place where ( his and her because god is supreme mother and also father of whole world ) creation will live 9 month. 

Will you live in dirty kitchen of 100 years  in which you make food

( If as male , I have to make food, I have to clean it. Or if I appoint Cook, I make responsible Same cook to clean my kitchen. 

Is not god big judge

If as male God has give me right to prevent, god make system to clean uterus through monthly periods like 

Male has to pass daily urine to clean body toxin

Male has to go to toilet daily to clean body toxin

Male has to keep sperms in testicles for ujasav or donation for birth of new baby and 

A) He has also clean his mind with every day periods because if male did not spend time in daily periods, toxin will increase and unable to give the birth of baby because low sperm count or private area and whole body  disease like varicocele, hydrocele, hernia, prostate gland increase and one 1000 disease due to breaking  brahmcharya and due to breaking of natural male periods like woman periods

Male's Daily period

Direct his sex energy in to positive direction

Positive direction means instead doing sex with wife without baby goal or if if unmarried like me 

Without masturbation or watching porn or unethical sex with women 

Direct my sex energy in

My first period : 

 Help to orphan , needy and poor children of world through spending my time to educate them. 

2nd period. 

Support mental disorder people, handicapped people and old parents whose son captured their property and make them helpless through my time and money to manage their food, shelter and love and release my sex energy in positive side.

3rd period. 

Make free Naturopathy videos for free treatment for helpless patients and support whole world 

4th period

In this period, I love to spend time to Help helpless birds, animal and new creation of God.

30 days male also have to spend time in periods

Male and female both must follow brahmcharya

Then both period will naturally

If woman break brahmcharya

Period will unnatural

More than 3 days and reach 15 days non stop

Means 40 days eaten food will go in gambling

If male break brahmcharya, he will waste his semen and  sperms which is also equal to 40 days eaten food in gambling and waste.

So, God is great  judge and justice both man and woman with nature. 

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