How to Heal Food Allergies Naturally - Solution of Patient's Query

 Patient's Problem 

Me aap se food allergies ka Teritment lena chahat hu.

 I want to know how to heal food allergies naturally from you. 

Is se phle fungal infection tha us ka Teritment liya tha thikh ho gya or bad me food allergies honi suru ho gai h. 

Before this, I had Skin fungal infection and after eating medicine, It healed but Now, I got allergies. 

Sir khane ke bad body me jalan hoti h or bad me    sujan aati h

I got burning sensation after eating food in my body.

Allergies vali food band kar rkhi h but kbhi kbhi or  food se bhi allergies hoti h

Teritment liya tha but kuch aaram hua band karne par sem Candtion h

Medicine gives me temporary relief.

Abhi me khane me 20_ 20 biskit use karta is ke alava sab food allergies kar rhe h

These days, I eat 20-20 biscuits  and stopped all allergies food. 

Ye allergies bad me anti allergies davai ki 2 se 3 tablet khane par normal ho jathi h

My Solution 

1. First of all, I say, he had wrong decision to use allopathic medicine treatment for his fungal infection as per my opinion. Because all creams and medicine has huge side-effects. That is the reason, he is facing the problem of food allergies. In future, he must not eat any fungal medicine, he can easily heal all time of fungal infection by 

using 3 times 1 chamach allovera + 1 chamach coconut oil + 1 tiki kapoor 

or using of 3 times apple vinger

or using 3 times tulsi ras on it. It is enough.

and now come to his food allergies

2. Root of food allergy is not actually food. First of all fire all the test reports because root is the medicine. He is using following medicine.

Patient already told that he ate and temprory heal. It means not permanent. It means, all these medicine is not working and it is just press like iron press and bring high allergies food for more and more food making his immune system as poison.

Our immunity is our body guard and give XYZ Security. 

By eating all these medicine, we weak our body guard who protects us from diseases. 

So, it must stop all these medicine. 

Now, God has made natural anti -allergies food. He should start from this and slowly body's immune system will free from poison and his problem will permanent heal.

(A) Eat All Season Fruits Morning more and more specially directly fresh from fruit trees instead from market. 

(B) Grow vegetables and salad in home and eat more and more

(C) Stop meda biscuits and all biscuits. All are old food and which is slow poison.

(D) Daily drink Tulsi 12 leaves juice in the morning

(E) Use Neem datun and drink its juice

(F) Do regular yog, exercise, pranvayam and asan and minimum 10 kms daily walking

(G) Massage of coconut oil is also great. 

(H) Daily Half hr get sun light

(I) Daily drink coconut water. 

(J) Less the salt and use only black salt

(K) Stop daily milk and use only home fresh desi cow milk

(L) Stop all process and packet and factory food. 

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