How to Overcome the Fear of Death?

If you have the problem of fear of death, then follow simple 5 steps to overcome the fear of death of your own or your blood relative or any friend or Fear of losing someone you love 1. Always Remember 3 Golden Rules Rule 1. Everyone die one day

Remember this natural truth. By connecting this truth, you will be more feel good and fear and anxiety free.
Rule 2. No one can die before the time of death.

You should be hopeful that God has made the system that no one can die before the time of death. So, enjoy same period instead worry from fear.
Rule 3. No one dies daily. Above three rules are also natural truth. Accept it. 2. Focus on What in Your Control Rule 1. Death is not in your control.

It is controlled by God. Tell me, Does god do any mistake. No, if there is existence of death, there is benefit for you in it.
Rule 2. Think, your life is in your control. Do actions to make it healthy for long life.

If you have control on your life. Control it with good way instead bad way by adding bad habits in your life.

Rule 3. Sleep on Time, Eat Good, and Do exercise for boosting self confidence in life.

Never eat unnatural food. Never drink alcohol. Never smoke. Do exercise daily. Eat good food. All will increase your life span and you can free from fear from Death. 3. Start to think Positive Rule 1. Never think what if this will happen. Rule 2. Think about your life's dreams, goals and plans Rule 3. Take actions on daily goals. 4. Start to Focus on New Skills Rule 1. Never Keep your mind and brain free. It will fear only and only. Rule 2. Always study about new skill and practice and share with needy. Rule 3. Make habit of learning new skills daily 5. Life and Death is Natural Process Rule 1. Never think Death is different from life. Rule 2. Think, for life, death is necessary. Like for sunrise, sunset is must. Rule 3. Think, everyday, your body cells dies because new can get birth for your long life.

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