Naturopathy Treatment of Ringworm

First of all you should know what is Ringworm. Ringworm is disease in which there is infection in the top layer of your human body skin. There may be inflammation to fight this infection.
 So, if your immune system is solid, it will heal in few days naturally.


1. You feel itchy and red rash.
2.There is red colour in circle or ring form.
3. Burning Sensation

Area of this Disease

  1. Scalp
  2. Groin
  3. Back of Neck
  4. Foots 
  5. Nails
  6. Arams
  7. Face

Causes of Ringworm

Not cleaning the body with daily bath and washing with soap
Low level of immune system
Not Cleaning the Clothes
Wearing Tight Clothes
Use Other's Clothes and Towel and Underwear

Natural Treatment of Ringworm 

1st Step : Do not Itch

It is truth, you feel to take action of itch but never never itch. Never do itch. Because it will increase more desire of itch, it will increase your ring warm problem

2nd Step : Use Aloe Vera Juice Instead Itch 

When you have the desire to do itch, take juice of aloe vera fresh and pasted and it will heal immediately with in 7 days

3rd Step : Fight Infection Naturally by Eating More Green Lehsun Leaves

Eat it morning. Eat it afternoon and Eat it in Evening for 7 days

4th Step : Cleanliness

Clean your skin daily with soap
Clean your clothes, towel, underwear daily
Clean your bed and bed sheet
Clean internal body by exercise, walking and running

5th Step : Change Your Clothes daily

Your all clothes must be change daily

6th Step : Use Light Cotton Clothes

Never use other, try coton clothes.
Never tight it.

7th Step : Stop Salty, sweety and Oily food

It is necessary to cure ringworm

8th Step : Eat More Gajar, Muli, Shalgam, Chukandar, Palak va Sarso va Choli ka Sag

It is also necessary to heal ringworm fastly

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