8 Unknown Health Benefits of Eating Jaggery

In the jaggery, God has added great minerals like iron, calcium, gandhak and potassium. It has also natural chemicals like Pantothenic acid, niacin, diyasin, baytin,folic acid and pyridoxine. If any human being use only 50 gram jaggery or gur daily, he or she need not get from artificial supliments from chemist medical shop. But it should be pure and organic.

Following are its unknow health benefits.

1. Helpful to Cure Jaundice

If you eating early morning eat 50 gram jaggery with one muli ke pate, you will get fast relief from jaundice.

2. Helpful to Increase Weight 

Eat 50 gram jaggery and 50 gram kachi mungfali together. It will increase your weight fast.

3. Helpful to Cure Gas

If you have gas in your stomach, eat jaggery 25 gram with dry ginger powder.

4. Helpful to Cure Vomit

If you are unable to control your vomit, eat harar powder with gur.

5. Helpful to Cure Your Cold

Eat Gur and adrak together and eating 1 to 3 days, your cold will remove

6. Helpful to Cure Pile

Eat Harar with jaggery will help to cure pile.

Eat ripe fruit of neem tree with jaggery will help to cure pile

7. Helpful to Cure Cough

Eat jaggery with harer + dry ginger + kali mirach + piper + dal chini + tejpata and make its ladu. Eat it with hot water and it will cure cough.

8. Helpful to Increase Power 

Eat the Atta and gur ladu with dry fruits and it will give power in winter to warm your body naturally. 

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