5 Practical Weight Loss Tips for the Lazy People

Since 2005, I am guiding people to loss weight naturally. People give ups only because they do not want to do hard work. But Overweight is the root of all his or her diseases. If they will not control, they will face heart diseases, kidney diseases, liver diseases and brain diseases, stomach diseases soon. So, I have researched any way to loss weight naturally for lazy people. Then, yes, there are 5 Practical Ways of Weight Loss for Lazy People

Optimum weight is the path of good health and overweight is invitation for all diseases. With overweight, you can not enjoy your happy life. So, come and learn these practical ways

1st Tip : Start to Eat Natural Food and Focus First To Burn Fat with Natural Diet Plan

No one can do everything in single day. You are also no option. First month, you never do any exercise. Only make the good habit of eating natural food.

In natural food, include more and more fruits of season. Including watermelon, mask melon, plum and mangoes. And stop to eat all type of non veg, eggs and meat and oily food, fast food, hotel food, outside food, junk food and meda food.

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2nd Tip : Do Only Two Days  in 7 Days, Start to Workout for Weight Loss

Not Do whole 7 Days workout for weight loss. If you do only 2 days my following workout, it is enough to loss your weight. Because it will active for next 5 days. But, you need to be punctual for these 2 days in week. I think, all lazy people can adopt this formula for weight loss. Laziness and weight loss will together.


3rd Tip : Give Priority to Nutrition instead Taste

All overweight lazy people can adopt this tip. They need not compromise the taste over nutrition. They only set the plan and goal of priority to nutrition. For example, they have to shift total natural sugar like kishmish, khajur and gur instead sugar if they want to decrease weight naturally.

4th Tip : Track What Did You Eat Past Week

If you did anything which is not in your priority and unnatural. No issue. But keep record and see Sunday and track it. By tracking, you will realize your mistake and next time, you will more focus on natural food and priority to nutrition.

5th Tip : Set Remind of Eating Fruits Daily and Chewing Food 32 Tips

This is great tip. I know, you are unable to get up early alarm and snooze it but you will be good if you get alarm reminder for eating food and chewing food 32 tips. It will decrease your weight fastly because fruits have the power to burn fat and chewing will help to digest fast.


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