How to Overcome Study Stress?

Dr. Vinod Kumar has explained the simple stress to Overcome Study Stress. Just follow its and get success as student.

 Q : - 1. Are you fearing regarding upcoming exams or becoming failure in your class?

Q :- 2. Are you thinking success by comparing your performance in past divisions and medals?

 Q:- 3. Are you between Age of 10 to 20 and you have any disease?

Q:- 4. Do you always think about books, lessons, subjects, topics, school, classroom and exams?

Q:- 5. Do you have lack of focus on study?

Q:- 6. Are you unable to memorize the concept fastly?

 Q:- 7. Are you unable to understand the concepts fastly?

 Q:- 8. Are you feel laziness during study?

Q:- 9. Did you try to attempt to suicide due to study stress?

 Q:- 10. Are you thinking suicidal thoughts due to study stress?

 If any of one answer or all above answer is yes, it means, you are suffering the study stress. It is your and your parent and your teacher's responsibility to be serious about this. First stop study and watch this video daily for 3 times for 3 months and follow this video 3 months and you can easily overcome your study stress.

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