How can Woman Pregnant Fastly

If you to get pregnant fastly, please follow these steps,

1. Take care your health seriously as woman. If you don't eat veg food properly and on the time, your ovary and uterus will not be healthy.

2. Never take tension. Tension releases negative harmony, due to this, ovary and uterus will capture many diseases and you will be failure to get pregnant quickly

3. Never marry with a man who is not brahmchari. Brahmchari is the man who follows the rules of brahmcharya. With brahmcharya, he will have healthy sperms and with only first attempt, you will be pregnant.

4. Never do sex during your period. Period is cleaning time of uterus where baby will lives 9 months. After 10 to 14 days of previous period is best time to do sex with your husband and you will surely get pregnant

More details, please watch following video

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