Is Patient Information Confidential?

Question by patient

Is patient information confidential?

Answer by me

Yes. Because Doctor and patient relationship is like the relationship of Guru and student. It is truthful duty of teacher that he must only focus to give the lesson and stop to public his or her weakness. It is truthful duty of teacher to fire all his or her weakness and make him or her pure gold.

It is also truthful duty of student to trust on teacher. It is also truthful duty of student to give 100% surrender to his teacher like a raw mud give and ready to become a solid water jug. It is also truthful duty of student never bring ego that he or she know more than his teacher. If he or she knows more than teacher, it is his truthful duty to keep confidential from teacher because it is just like dis-respect to teacher. Always humble if you want true knowledge from teacher. Teacher is the sea of knowledge. Every single doubt and suspicion on the ability of teacher can waste all his past his or her hard work. Teacher can give punishment to student that student  will forget all his or her knowledge with his power of truth and dedication of his teaching.

If you faith blind on teacher, he will make you teacher and give his chair and go to mahasmathi.

I am teacher like

Thanks and love Dr. Vinod Kumar

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