15- Minute Gratitude of God that will Cure Your All Diseases

We all want to cure our all diseases but we are unable to cure all diseases. Why? Why? This is big question which may come in our mind. We have eaten lots of allopathic and homeopathic medicine but still we are in disease and disease is increasing day by day.

Main reason of this is the shortage of oxygen and oxygen shortage in body will increase the toxin in the body. For better oxygen in body, our lungs, diaphragm and heart is so important. If there is low capacity, it means, low volume of oxygen in body. So, for increasing its capacity, we need to control our stress and negative thoughts. It can easily overcome with pray of God through gratitude feeling that God is kind and he is giving unlimited boons.

1. Thanks of God that You are not the part of big horrible accidents of the world

There are lots of people died in this world but you are safe. This is possible because God loves you. So, you need to thanks to god for this kindness.

2. Thanks of God that you are not the part of jail

There are lots of people in jail due to fake cases and getting 3rd degree punishment without any reason due to diagnose process of police. But you are safe from it because God loves you. So, you need to thanks to God for this kindness.

3. Thanks  of God that you are not the part of Natural Disaster 

You should also thanks god that you are safe from all natural disasters like Tsunami, Earthquake and landslides. 

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