Treatment of Piles without Surgery - By Dr. Vinod Kumar

Treatment of Piles without Surgery or natural treatment of piles or naturopathy treatement of piles is very easy but for this, you need to take positive actions which are listed below

1. Take only fruits for one week

For one week, you need to stop cooked food and come on the fruits only. One week is not big time but it will bring swelling and pain of piles at zero level because fruits have lots of vitamins. Because you did not eat it in past, so, there is the shortages of fiber and vitamins in your body and now recover it and cure your pile naturally.


a) Never eat any sore fruit
b) Never eat any unripened fruit
c) Never eat any fruit which was ripened through chemicals

2. Stop to eat non-veg. , meat, eggs, meda food, fast food, hotel food and cold food and salty food and oily food and sugar food

You need to stop  to eat non-veg. , meat, eggs, meda food, fast food, hotel food and cold food and salty food and oily food and sugar food because all are unnatural food and increasing your problem of pain and swelling and by stopping it minimum one week, you will get positive results in the form of curing your piles.

3. Stop to drink tea

Due to the addiction of tea, you drink the tea when you feel pain of piles. With this, your pain will increase and also problem will be go for more chronic. Because tea is the source of constipation. So, stop it fast and see better result in your life.

4. Stop to use all drugs

Never drink alcohol. Never drink whisky. With this, your both small and big intestines will not do work and food will not be digested and will not pass the bowl and if bowl will not pass, varicose vein in rectum, you will face swelling and blood will not go to heart for purify and you will face the piles problem.

5. Stop to sitting or standing more than one hr

If you are doing job in govt. or private sector, it is very serious, if you want to cure your pile disease, you have to stand for 5 to 10 minutes after every one minute sitting.

If you are ticket conductor or you have standing job like in army or police, you also must need to sit after each our standing.

6. 5 to 10 kms daily walk or run and do one Hr. exercise

You need to walk or run 5 to 10 kms daily.

7. Live stress free life. 

You have to spend your life stress free by thinking happy thoughts. You think about the possibility of your curing through naturopathy. You think about the opportunities. Your this feeling and emotions will cure you. 

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