How to Increase Sperm Count Naturally

If you want to increase your sperm count naturally and fastly without any use of medicine, please follow following strict rules

1st Step.

Eat only organic food because food which is made through chemical fertilizers, chemical pesticides and chemical ripening usages will decrease your sperm count. All these chemical will give bad effect to your reproductive glands and your hormones will become imbalance. So, you only organic fertilizers and organic pesticides in your kitchen garden and eat its fruits and vegetables.

2nd Step.

 Follow Brahmcharya. It means saving of semen from sex of wife for one year and also stop to do masturbation and stop to think about lust and sex desire.

3rd Step.

 Stop to eat unnatural food like non-veg., meat, eggs, fast food, junk food, outside food, and drinking cold water and tea.

4th Step. 

Do exercise

5th Step. 

Become morning person

6th Step. 

Live stress free life with meditation and laughing therapy

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