How does Brahmacharya help to cure Varicocele Disease

Yes, a person starts to follow brahmcharya under the control of a wise teacher, it is sure, it will be helpful to cure varicocele patient. Because If you start to follow the strict rules of Brahmcharya, you will get progress of increasing the number of sperms and also ok report of your victim veins. Today, we will focus, why and how will it be possible.

 Money Saving Habit is the Source of Happiness

For example, there are two employees. Both are married. Both's family expenses are Rs. 20,000 but salary is Rs. 1,00,000.

First Person

Now, First Employee's Strategy : Enjoy the life. He did not make any future plan or set passive income goal. He enjoy the life. Everyday, he gave big and very costy gift to wife for getting his love for his selfish aims. Every evening, he is addicted to carry her wife in rich hotel where he and her wife enjoy the life. So, end of month, pocket was empty. He started same function for one year.

After one year, a big tragedy happened. His company was facing the loss. So, company has taken decision to get out some emplyee. First employee was in his list. Second same company has big monoply in the area. So, same employee was unable to find other job near. Now, he checked his pocket and his bank account. All are zero. He came his home. He told the story to his wife that company has sent me home. Now, I am jobless and if I want to far for searching the job, I need money but my bank account and my pocket has empty. Please help me. Wife has told that I will not give a paisa to you. Because I have got it by paying its price in past. So, please go anywhere or begging anywhere for fulfill my desire. I am feeling very angry. Otherwise, I will not fulfil your desire. Now, person is very depressed. Due to this depression, he started begging.

Second Person 

Second person is very intelligent. He has also Rs. 1,00,000 per month earning from same job. He has also wife. He also want to fulfil his desire with his wife. But, he has very good habit from childhood. He has made the budget

Family expenses = Rs. 20000
Wife fun = Rs. 10,000
Other Picnic Party = Rs. 10,000

Now, he started to save Rs. 50,000

After Six month, he was Rs. 3,00,000. He has bought VIP Plan of a Website Rs. 5000 per month and also started providing his Online service by promoting it through Online Advertising. For this, he invested Rs. 1,50,000 and still, saved in secured fund Rs. 1,50,000. Now, at the end of he was not job but

He was online business with this he is earning = Rs. 1,00,000 per month

He has secured saving for operating expenses = Rs. 1,50,000

Now, he is still enjoying with his wife and he is standing on his own foot because he has good habit of saving.

Now, first employee came to second and asked how is we both different. You are rich and I am beggar after one year. Then second employee unplug the truth. I have habit of saving money per month and you have the habit of wasting money per month. Now, because you became my student. So, I am teaching you.  Please collect your begging money and start to save and start your own business. Start to use your unlimited potential for growing success. First employee has followed his order and saved money and set up his online business and got success after one year.

Apply Same Saving  On Your Varicocele Problem 

Habit of Saving = Habit of Brahmcharya

1. We stop to waste excess money and save = We stop all sexual thoughts and increase our sperm quantity which gives confidence to our body.

2. We control our mind for saving from wasting money daily useless = We control our mind for saving from wasting our sexual energy. For this, we stop  to see porn movies, adult movies, sexual videos, sexual songs, bolliwood movies, holliwood movies, useless use of youtube and other video websites. Stop to watch sexual photos and listening sexual music. With this, we increase the fund of digested food of 40 days.

3. We saved our invested money only in good business under good plan = After marriage, we stop to sex daily. We invested our sperm only for goal of baby. If we waste it and after one and two year wastage of this money, we will capture in any hidden diseases, so, our test report will showing less sperm or varicocele disease or hydrocele disease or other panis shrink problem or nightfall problem. Now, we will face the tension because we will be rejected to bear a baby by nature. So, we start to understand it and try to stop sex with wife. Follow brahmcharya. After full cure, we use this only for investment of big reward of baby.

 4. Every month we must save some money = Every month, we will focus not to do masturbation action. If there is no masturbation action. It means no masturbation habit. It means no masturbation addiction. After one year, this small saving will be big money to invest it for passive income.

5. Every day, we will speak loud, " I will save Rs. 50,000 for my future." = Every day, we speak " She is my mother and I am her son." When we see a beautiful woman on online and offiline. Because we have to convert brahmcharya thoughts.

6. Saving Habits for Success = Brahmcharya Habits for boost your immune system and for success of curing your varicocele and other diseases.

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