8 Habits of Healthy People

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Welcome Swami Dayanand Naturopathy Hospital's New Website www.sdnhospital.com  . I am Dr. Vinod Kumar. Today, I will explain 8 habits of great healthy people like Swami Dayanand Saraswati and other. Before this, I am explaining the simple saying of my brother. "To make health is very difficult, if it will disturb, it means, your whole life will disturb." You will remember, when you will cure, when you will be healthy, you do not care the value of health and soon, you will capture again in chronic disease.

1. To Make Healthy Attitude.

Attitude means how are you feeling or thinking. Whether you are under any disease or not, you must to keep your healthy attitude. All the doctors keeps their healthy attitude. They have this habit. If any disease come or any injury come, still, they feel health. I want to explain that when I have 1050 pull-ups in 7 days, I have felt pain in my chest. But because I have habit of healthy attitude, I did not suffer it, I ran more than 15 kms in single set. I did some exercise. I did some stretches. I did also yog. I was positive. I have changed my food habit. Now, due to this, my pain is very low. Same positive view, you must. You must think the bright side of your life. You must feel that I am feeling healthy today. I am recovering. From this, attitude, they become healthy more fastly. On the other side, people of negative thinking never recover fastly. Because they think always negative side of life. So, healthy people make healthy attitude in daily life and they become healthy. After some time, it will become their ability to fit all the time. There is big relationship of health with our attitude. All positive attitude brings happiness. I will be healthy. I am healthy. With this, you will get positive energy. With this energy, you get happiness. It will reduce your stress and depression.

2. Walk During the Time of Your Work.

All the healthy people sit very less. They sit only for one hour. They will start to walk by going and coming. They spend their time more in walking. They have got great benefit from it. It increases their blood circulation. If there is good blood flow in the body, it means, more flow of oxygen and nutrition to all the part of body and human body will become more healthy. For example me, I always give the lecture in standing form, it will give me power of moment physically. I can walk during standing lecture. My way of working this, make my help to walk more in every day. With this, your legs will walk. As it will walk, it will repeat, it will become healthy habit. Healthy people have this good habit. If they will see the material, they will walk. They have the target of walking 20 kms. in a single day whether they are doing work or not doing anything. You can follow this, you get its good results. By sitting, you get lots of diseases, still, you sit and small diseases will become chronic because lack of moment of blood in that area. At that time, you try to run, you try to walk, but your foot do not help you because you did not make it as habit in past. You will face of knees pain, you feel leg pain, you feel foot pain. So, you must walk because you will be healthy. You can walk through giving water to plants or reading books.

3. Get up 4 am

All who want to get the knowledge of health, all get up at 4 am. They get up early morning. Even, they sleep late, still, they get up early morning. With this, their stomach move. Their intestine will be ok. They never face constipation in their life with this good habit.

4. Get Self-Confidence for Saying no of Bad Food.

You go to a party. Your friend has given you pressure to drink tea. You surrendered yourself and drink the tea. It is your bad habit. Healthy people do not do this. They never come under any pressure of family, friends and relatives. They have self-confidence for saying no for bad food. You go to any home due to death of any person, you have drunk the cold drinks. With this, you have faced diseases. It is weakness. You have to increase your confidence by leaving meda food, non-veg, eggs, sweets, cold drinks, ice cream. Never eat under any pressure. 

5. Time Table for Exercise and Yog

All healthy people have good habit that they have the time table of exercise and yog. They rotate the body. They warm their body. They have to do yog. Take long breath and then stop it. Then leave it long. Break it and then take again its new set. This is their habit, if you will follow, you will become healthy also.

6. Study More and More Health Books

They read more and more health and naturopathy books. They get great ideas from it. They know which herb or Ayurvedic medicine will cure them fastly. They eat them and they become healthy.

7. Control on Mind

They have big control on their mind. If there is any disturbance of mind, they stop to breath with right nose. They take only breath from left nose. With this, they get more control on mind. This is their habit. You can also follow this habit.

8. Focus on Health.

If they have become fat, they start to eat more fruits for decreasing weight. What does it mean? It means, they all focus on health.

So, you must follow above 8 habits of healthy people and check its great result.

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