100 Benefits of Brahmacharya - Part 12

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56th benefit of celibacy: Helpful to fire to all the impurities of the mind

The biggest advantage of celibacy is that celibacy has the ability to burn all the evil inside you. You must also know that the work of fire is to burn everything, fire is also called Pavak in Sanskrit which means to sanctify. When a brahmachari heats himself in the fire of celibacy, he himself becomes a fire and all the impurities of his own mind are eliminated and all those who are in contact with him also get rid of all the bad habits.

You must have heard the name of Amichand. Once Swami Dayanand Saraswati ji was doing a Satsang and Amichand sang the song of God. When Amichand left, the people said.  Amichand is a person who is addicted to a prostitute and drinking of alcohol. And after taking out his religious wife from his house and keeping a concubine, Swami Dayanand ji, who was an unbroken celibate, who had burnt himself in the fire of celibacy for more than 40 years, called Amichand in solitude and said Amichand If you are diamond, then you are stuck in the mud, now the time has come to come out of the mud, first of all, improve your character. Remove all the bad qualities of your mind, otherwise, it is useless for you to sing bhajans of God, it was only to say that Amichand started crying and fell at the feet of Swami Dayanand Ji, asked for forgiveness of his sins and went home to drain all the liquor bottles. Say get out to prostitutes out of the house and after getting forgiveness from his wife, brought her back to his house and started the following celibacy strictly and this celibacy removed all his evil and he became a singer who sang songs of the great God. This is the miracle of celibacy that first of all it will burn the virtues inside you and by burning the virtues of whoever is associated with you, purifying it and making it a mine of qualities like pure gold.

Fire is also called the holy fire and our ancient sages also worshiped it and still do it because they lead their life by celibacy, moving upwards like fire.

ॐ अग्नये स्वाहा। इदं अग्नये इदं न मम॥

ॐ अग्नये स्वाहा। इदं अग्नये इदं न मम॥

Fire also gives us a lot of knowledge because it has immense power to burn impurities, it does not burn easily. This means that your celibacy will not be proved easily. Just like in ancient times two stones were rubbed for hours to light a fire and this fire was never allowed to be extinguished, similarly, you have to do.

You will also have to fight with your mind, you will have to fight, you will have to fight and this fire of celibacy will have to be kindled.

Today even though matches have been invented, but the principle is the same, a frictionless bottom and easily catching fire matchsticks, which are coated with phosphorus, but still friction and this matchbox are kept from water. You also have to keep your life away from all mischief and always pay attention to Brahmacharya.

57th benefit of Brahmacharya: No scum in the mind

By the following brahmacharya, you can never feel dirt because your life is like water, the function of water is to clean the dirt, that is how your life becomes.

Whenever there is dirt on the clothes, we wash it with water, in the same way, the brahmachari always takes the name of God, remembers him and by remembering him every time, his mind becomes as pure as water, whoever takes knowledge from him too. the filth of the mind will end

58th Benefit of Brahmacharya: Becoming an Ocean of Knowledge

By the following brahmacharya, you become an ocean of knowledge because whenever you start taking knowledge by giving up your desire for sex, thoughts of sex and sense tastes, then very soon knowledge starts coming inside you and you become an ocean of knowledge. Just as you pour water into the ocean or take water out of it, it doesn't matter, so is your life, you will go to get eternal knowledge of God and will always take care of it.

Nothing in the world will be difficult for you to understand. Knowledge will also be digested by the person who protects semen and you will have a wealth of knowledge of simple words to describe it in difficult words which will surprise everyone.

59th benefit of Brahmacharya: God will always protect you

If you follow brahmacharya then God will start protecting you in every situation. The great name of the Lord is Om. It means that God is the only protector in the world. If you are moving towards God, you will get protection.

Let me explain this to you with a quote, suppose someone tries to kill you without any crime and you leave his hands and go to the king's shelter, will the king not save you, he is the king of that country and you are like sons and protecting him is his dharma. But you do not go to him, but go to the shelter of a weak and coward and tell him to save his life.

Tell me,  will you save your life because he is already weak and timid, he will hand you over to the robber. So, a weak supporter never protects you.

Doesn't this happen to you? God is also the biggest king of the world, we are his subjects and we are like his sons, it is his religion to protect us, but instead of taking support, you eat doctor's medicines or eat protein stains and think that we will strengthen again. Mardana power will come, we will have all the fun of our mind, this medicine and this food will protect us from getting weak.

There is no need for celibacy, celibacy is nothing

So isn't it your ego that makes the king of the world sad, how mad is this human?

Brahma + Charya = God's life you have to go but it is ego, you go for getting other support

He has also become ill, the body has also become weak, yet the ego of the mind has not gone away fr

There is no need for the king of the world, the king of the world is fake

And I believe in medicines and food

So God also thinks that let there be such stumbling blocks because many people learn by stumbling.

So the destruction of such a person is the only annihilation, who will go to the sincere refuge of God, will take his name which is infinite, will always remember him, God will also protect him.

Because Brahmachari is always with God, therefore God always keeps him happy by protecting him from all evils.

Come take the name of that God Om, Ek Omkar, Satnam, Ram, Sham, Allah Tala and Whi one Sai, whatever name you can take, He is the one who saves us.

There is a saying that God also helps those who help themselves.

If you misuse the knife yourself, then it can even kill you, if you use it properly, then you can cut fruits and vegetables and eat them and get happiness.

60th benefit of Brahmacharya: development of intellect

By following brahmacharya, your intellect becomes very sharp, like a tree cutter sharpens the ax after some time, similarly, if you also divert your attention from the things that increase your lust, you read good books to gain knowledge. If you do and practice on them then no one can stop the growth of your intelligence and you will become the greatest intelligent person in the world.

As Newton focused his mind on discovering and falling for new discoveries and his intellect started to develop. If he too had become a victim of lust, could he have done the great discoveries that he made today?

This is India where great knowledge of Vedas, Upanishads, Darshana and Gita was given.

Who can make us great intelligent

By following Brahmacharya, you reach that level of intelligence, which is not possible for the common luxuriant person to reach and taking knowledge from that great intelligent person is such a secret that you will never be able to know, this secret will be revealed only when you are humble. You will understand his knowledge and bow down to him and follow your brahmacharya life accordingly.

can you be the second newton?  Can you open his intelligence secrets?

Yes, if you take your time to understand science by conquering the senses like him, that will be your humility.

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