100 Benefits of Brahmacharya - Part 11


Welcome part 11 of "100 benefits of Brahmacharya". Read first  part 1part 2part 3part 4part 5 , part 6 and  part 7  and part 8 and part  9 and part 10

51th Benefits of Brahmacharya: Helpful to Become blameless

Brahmacharya creates such power in you by which you become innocent forever. You also know and I also know that always if you or I are weak in character then it will be very easy to blame you or me. A characterless person is always guilty as it is also said. Lust is the biggest vice. 

If money is lost, nothing else is lost, if health is lost, then something is lost, but if the character is lost, then everything is lost to us because the slander that belongs to a characterless person and dies alive.

But the one who is celibate and always remembers God and the God protects his character; then he becomes a Brahm-Gyani and wherever he sees, only God is visible to him, because of this sight, everyone sees him. He is respected, he becomes like the sun while living in his life, you must have seen that whoever looks at the sun with a straight eye, cannot see more than a few seconds, if he sees more, then he will see only darkness, why only darkness

Because there is a lot of heat in the sun, there is a lot of heat in it and if you want to blame, you have the power of truth that you can speak the truth by pointing a finger towards the same person.

Can you blame the sun that it does not give light and heat, only pretends to be light and heat?

So let's see who is true and who is false.

If you can see the sun straight all day, then you are speaking truth, your blame is true. 

Within seconds your eyes will be dark and you will speak the truth

that I'm a liar

the sun really gives heat and light

Because whatever hits the sun, the sun absorbs it, if the light of your eyes hits it, then the sun will absorb its light like sun absorbs the water lying in the ground and darkness becomes part in your life.

That's why only the full rising sun is saluted with closed eyes.

In the same way, those who follow celibacy can never be blamed on him, because everyone salutes him on seeing his physical strength, mental power and spiritual power.

Because that man always remembers only only God in his mind.

52th Benefits of Brahmacharya: Helpful to Become Impartial like Wind

Brahmacharya makes you impartial because you did not discriminate against yourself. Didn't discriminate against any of your senses. You have taken their natural work. Like God gave you hands so that you can do good works. Brahmachari always does good deeds with his hands. He never takes undue advantage of his hand. He never does wrong things like masturbating with his hands. He doesn't let his hands be the slave of his mind. He has complete control over his mind, he does not allow it to be involved in immoral activities. It operates all the senses according to justice and its natural law.

Just as air gives same oxygen to the rich and the poor, similarly a person who observes celibacy behaves impartially to everyone. 

It also comes in the rules of Arya Samaj,  You should treat first with love then according to dharma and in end as per best justice for him. 

First of all you should explain with love to your mind that only sensual thoughts lead to destruction.

If your mind do not understand, then according to dharma, give the lesson to your mind. Dear mind,  your duty is to believe on me, I am soul and I am king of this body and you are my head minister  and I command you to put an end to the defects of erotic thoughts from today, never take any thoughts.

If your mind don't listen to Dharma, then understand that your mind has become a demon, then you should deal with it with justice. 

That is, it has become obstinate that I cannot give up sensual thoughts.

then you too be stubborn

Today I take this vow by considering all the four directions, sun, sky, earth, water and air as witnesses that I will follow celibacy from today itself and I will annihilate whoever comes in my way.

Then see that you have come under the bondage of your promise and now your mind has to give up his lustful thoughts.


your visionary will see the divine

Your ears will only listen to the voice of God

Your tongue will thank God only

Your writing will only praise God

Your steps will go towards God

So after some time on your mind, its culture will be born.

 And your mind will also start remembering God.

you will plan to find god

You will meditate to find God

This mind will come on the right path only when

Natural judges who never do partiality like taking an oath as a witness to the wind, then only your life will become neutral.

So, start to follow brahmacharya from today. 

53th Benefits of Brahmacharya: Helpful to keep patience

Brahmacharya increases your patience. Brahmacharya increases your tolerance power because you are lifting the power repeatedly.

See weightlifter and powerlifter. They have increased their tolerance power because they repeat the sets and reps of lifting weight. So, stamina creates in their muscles. 

When you follow the brahmacharya, you also repeat your struggle to uplift your Virya power. As a brahmacharya, you never think lustful. Every lustful attack, you only remember God. Save me God this lust attack. It is your creation and I want to find you instead your creation. I am thankful to God, you have given me everything. Now, I do not have any more desire. I only want to sing the appreciation song of your kindness. You gave me air, you gave me sun. you gave me food. you gave me determination power. I am determined. I will never think lustful because I have to uplift and save your made power in my body. This will one reps. Brahmacharya does its million raps and makes the set in his mind and make his mind so strong and this strength in the muscles of mind makes the stamina to uplift the vital power. 

He always says, I have good stamina. I can uplift my vital energy. I can do this. I can keep only patience. God is with me. 

This is a great benefit that with a positive attitude, brahmachari got the secret God-knowledge. His behave is like earth. If you dig the earth or add the water on it. It never never say anything to you and its tolerance power of earth direct affect your life.

For example you dig the earth and added the plant of stick nails. After time, earth grows same plants and one day, you are going to same plant and you got puncture wound on your foot. Second person, same time dig the earth and add mustard and turmeric and oregano plant. You go to same person and got the mustard oil and turmeric and oregano and added same puncture wound and healed it. It will healed with your strong immune system also. 

Now, earth has patience and everyone will do wrong got the result of his action like first-person got the pain of stick nail because his action was bad and other person plant medicine and helped such person. Earth is giving help both people by its patience ability. Same ability, we can get by remember the god through following of brahmacharya. 

Because whoever treats you with lust, then you take your attention towards God and say that I have forgiven him or her. Who will do bad, get bad result. 

54th Benefits of Brahmacharya : Helpful for making Enlightment in the Mind

Brahmacharya helps for becoming enlightened in your mind. It means you have understood everything in the light of knowledge and you can use it for your and other people's biggest goal. 

When there will be light, darkness removes. There is no existence of darkness. It just comes with a lack of understanding of knowledge in your mind. When the sky is clear and sun light comes on the earth. You can see everything. You understood rope as rope and snake as a snake but in the darkness, you will understand rope as a snake and starts fear and this fear increases your heart speed and in darkness, you got puncture wound through stick nail and you thinks that same snake has attacked on you and you felt the poison in you and fall on the earth through huge heart attack.

It happened because of your ignorance, sensual thoughts, sensual desires, your lust in your mind, it is your ignorance which makes you frightened and weak and leads to death. 

But this, does not happen who follow the brahmacharya. A person who remembers the Brahm. Brahm gives his true knowledge in his mind and his mind enlightened. 

55th Benefits of Brahmacharya : Helpful to Become Humble 

Brahmacharya helps you to become humble. It is the natural rule, if you judge is empty, it can absorb the knowledge. If your judge is open, it can absorb the knowledge. Because by following strict rules of brahmacharya, brahmachari removes his all lustful thinking, lustful desires and lustful emotions. He leaves all his bad habits lust and anger. With this, he got freedom from slavery of momentary sensation and sensual pleasure. Same time, he spends to learn the great treasures of spiritual knowledge. He starts to live in the company of spiritual and enlightened people. He starts to more time to meditate of God. All these things makes him humble. This humbleness is his great success in life. He got the success on his tongue. He speaks less and listen more from great people of the world. He thanks to god for all things which he received from god whether it is inside body and outside body and other great soul for what got great knowledge from them. He appreciate the God and great soul for his kindness on him. He never complain. He never compare. Both friends and enemy are equal in his eyes because he sees same god in both like a humble person. When same god is in his friend and enemy how can compare both. Both are the soul of God and he can see the god. For him, all are sons of God and all are equal. 

1. When brahmachari see the woman, he becomes the humble and he feels himself like 5 year kid of same woman and his humbleness save him all lust attack. To understand like 5 year kid of same woman is great humbleness. With following brahmacharya, he got humbleness and same humbleness protect his brahmacharya. There is no ego in the brahmachari. 

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