What are the Causes of IBS?

IBS is life style disease.  Following are the main causes of IBS

1. Negative Thinking : You think, your digestion system Will not Strong

With paralyzing your mind and brain, you paralyze your digestion system. Everytime, you start to think negative. My problem will not solve. All test reports are saying same. Its side effect will on your whole digestion system and it will do as you directed in your mind and brain. This is the cause of your IBS.

1. From internet, you digest negative thoughts. 
2. From allopathic doctor, you started to think negatively that you are permanent patient of this disease.
3. You have accepted that all time eating medicine is its solution.
4. You always think that you are weak.
5. You always says in your imagination that you have lack of energy after irritable bowel syndrome and same syndrome has captured you.

What you see in the imagination, you got. You see imagination IBS and you found it in reality.

If you says 100 times, I have IBS, yes, you have IBS

2. Eat OLD and Eat Oily

Second main reason of IBS is that you does not eat fresh and raw. You always eat many days old in the form of bread, rus, biscuits and freeze food. You eat meat, chicken and non veg. This is the reason that you have IBS

3. You always take the Stress

You never do any meditation or anything like laugh to reduce your stress. Always you started to fight or waste energy in flight for solving your problem. This is not best solution. This only increase contraction in your small and large intestine and no relax and IBS will come. 

4. You do not do Exercise and Walk

Exercise and walking brings flexibility and strength in your body and your intestine becomes strong but you do not do and that is the main cause of your IBS. IBS increases your body full of toxin and you suffer its pain. 


You eat outside and it is full of adulteration. Like roti in hotel, you find dalda instead desi ghee. You find pili miti instead haldi. You will find the brick powder instead lal mirch. All will make the situation of your IBS

6. You Do not Get Sun Energy 

You always watch youtube, TV and connect your mobile for social network or connect laptop and never connect with nature and sun and you got lack of sun energy and lack of sun energy is the base of IBS

7. You Do not Do HAVAN Yug

HAVAN is holy fire which kills all the germs of body. You do not get its energy through havan yug daily. 

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