What is Hair?

 Hair is the outer growth of skin. It is made of protein filament. Its natural color is black which happens due to proper pigment release by hair root cells. The root of hair or bulb of hair is the beginning point of hair. There are 4 types of hair colors. Black hair, brown hair, white hair and red hair. It is the quality of hair, if we cut, it will regrow. The diameter of hair is 0.18 millimeters. Skin has 2 million sweat glands that produce sweat to cool the body in summer. These glands are on the opening part of hair. 

Main cause of gray or white hair, the cells in hair roots slows or stop producing pigment. It happens due to stress, not following brahmacharya, unnatural food and not doing exercise. 

So if you want to get natural black hair, start to remove your stress, follow brahmacharya, eating natural food and doing regular exercise. 

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