Treatment of Enlarged Spleen without Surgery


Today, we have explained the steps of treatment of enlarged spleen without surgery. If you have done your ultrasound, you have seen, your spleen size is more than 5 inch. Spleen is just above the your stomach pouch. Its main function is to help human body to kill old and damaged blood cells. If you are facing anemia, fatigue, pain left side abdominal cavity and not stopping your blood, it may be the symptoms of enlarged spleen. 

Following are its simple steps

1. Start to give good food to mind

Never think negative. Think positive and always speak I am healthy. If I will follow the good life style and keep my weight in the balance and do some exercise daily, my spleen size will normal and I need not to go to surgery. 

2. Start to give good food to physical body

Now, you have to leave non veg. , eggs and oily food and start 60% fruits in daily diet.

3. Walk 20 Kms daily.

You have to make the goal to walk 20 kms daily. If not time, run 10 kms daily. You must start from slow and slowly walk and run long. 

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