What is spleen?


Spleen is one organ in inside body. It is biggest gland. It is in every human being whether it is female or male. It is left side below the left diaphragm and on the stomach pouch. It is the part of lymphatic system. Actual lymphatic system is the network of pipes. These pipes niether current nore bloods. it has only some fluids. These network of thin vessels and connected to different glands like tonis and spleen and thoracic duct and lymph nod. These are just transport of filtered fat into blood arteries and also transporting infection fighting blood cells from spleen to whole blood system these cells are T cells and B cells. 

The healthy spleen size is between 2.8 inch to 5.5 inch. Never more than this size, more than this size is the clear that it is in dangerous line. 

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