What are the symptoms of Spleen Enlargement?


Following are the main Symptoms of Spleen Enlargement

1. Anemia

If your bp is low long time and you feel shortage of blood and you have the disease of anemia. It is the symptom that your spleen is not working properly and it may either damage or enlarged its size. 

2. Fatigue

If you have tired and unable to work, it may be lack of energy which comes from fresh blood in body. So, it may be sign of damage of your spleen

3. Pain left side abdominal cavity

If you have left side in abdominal pain, it may be spleen enlargement symptom

4. Not stopping of blood

If your platelets are very less and if you face injuring and it does not stop, it means, you have increased your spleen size.

5. Any body infection

If there is any body infection, it be connected with kidney, liver and last is spleen disease.

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