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100 Benefits of Brahmacharya - Part 18


Learn 18th Part of "100 Benefits of Brahmacharya".

86th Benefit of Brahmacharya - Coordination of Power, Authority and Ability

The person who has the unity of power, authority and ability, three things, his work will always be successful, by studying brahmacharya, these three things come in you and you can also coordinate them.

Brahmacharya brings strength to you because you keep every drop of semen more than your life and do not waste it in sensory pleasure.

Brahmacharya also brings merit in you because you always associate with good people from whom you get knowledge, you read good books from which you get knowledge and it will increase your ability.

Brahmacharya also gives authority to you because what you have done penance, you have the right to be an ascetic over everyone, who can teach anyone to do penance and can take responsibility for it. He can even dare to do so. 

Now whatever work you do on this basis, it will be successful.

Suppose you have to hire someone who is qualified for this, now you will give him as much power as he deserves, this power will be in the form of money and you will tell this money when he will take the responsibility of taking its right. If he does not take the responsibility, then do not tell the money so that the demon of greed does not come in him, because the brahmachari himself is free from greed, so he wants to keep everyone free of greed at all times. For this, not only ability is enough, it is also a test of his courage to take responsibility, which only a brahmachari can take.

Like a mother who has power, has authority because keeping the child in her stomach for 9 months, she has done penance, took care of the child and also has the ability so that she can teach brahmacharya to her child.

So she can make her child capable, she can make her child strong, she can make her child a higher authority.

If the mother has the power and authority but does not have the ability, then she should send her child to the Gurukul by a great guru who is an unbroken brahmacharya, only he can make her child life.

87th Benefit of Brahmacharya - Freedom from the cycles of birth and death

The biggest benefit you can get by the following brahmacharya is that you can get freedom from the cycles of birth and death of this world. When you repeat the Simran of Brahman again and again, God gets enamored with your soul and keeps you in his lap forever, as long as you have an attachment to the world, then the desires of the world will not leave you. Because of the lust, you will be fascinated by Kachan and Kamani again and again and this attachment will make you do the acts of unrighteousness (Adharama) , due to which you will get yourself trapped in the bondage of karma and giving the account of the deeds means the new birth, like this 84 lakh Junia became everyone. Giving the account of his deeds because

Even if there is happiness, he will have to come in the womb to enjoy it.

Even if there is sorrow, he will have to come in the womb to experience it.

So in order not to get in the womb, one has to do pray to GOD  all time, which can be done by an unbroken Brahmachari, whom lust and lust do not attract.

ॐ वर्षोसिम समानानां उद्धततामिवंव सूर्य | 

Like when a husband marries his wife and brings her in his home, he becomes the sun.

Because his wife was Usha, Usha means that in the morning she broke all the attachments of her father's house and came to her husband's house, just as in the morning, after eliminating her attachment from the night, she ends herself in the light of the sun.

The night is the sign of lust and attachment, this birth brings the cycle of death. Ignorance is also called night. When a person becomes a husband, the husband makes himself a Surya and swears that after producing only Surya (son) or Usha (daughter) through his semen to his wife's womb, he Will not do it in vain and by following brahmacharya will prove himself to be the Sun. The Sun is the one on whom no one can blame. With which no one can meet the eye. The sun is the one who removes everyone's scum of millions of years of darkness.

The one who is not married, will also produce Surya (son) or Usha (daughter) in the form of a guru with his knowledge and will take everyone to the path of God.

88th Benefit of Brahmacharya - Becoming a True Devotee of God

 A true devotee of God is one who always remembers God in his mind and God becomes under his control, this is what happens in brahmacharya, with the mind you renounce the subject forever and always worship God. And you become a true devotee.

This love is like a cow's love for its calf

The cow is taken by the cowboy to graze, but all day the mother remembers her child in her mind, like a cow, if you have love with God, then there is true devotion.

This love is like the love of a monkey's child to its mother.

The monkey's child loves its mother very much, always holding her. Mother does not hold him, but with this stronghold, he fearlessly crosses big gaps, this is true love

This love is like a cat's love for his child

cat always moves his child from one place to another with a shield in his mouth, always keeps his children in care. This is true love, if there is such love then you will become a real and true devotee.

Brahmacharya will give you this devotion. So from today take a fast of brahmacharya.

89th benefit of Brahmacharya - Attainment of divine vision

Divya Drishti means the vision which is a special kind of vision with which one can see what the ordinary human eye cannot see.


1. Small things

A person Can't see a small thing because it's too small than the range of his eyes

2. Man cannot see a very distant thing because it is also far away from the range of his eyes.

3. Man cannot see his future only when the present comes before him.

4. Man cannot see his past with the eyes like the body which was in childhood and not in the present, he sees only what is present in front of his eyes.

5. When the eyesight becomes weak then even that which a common man can see cannot be seen.

6. When the mind is engrossed in the lust, nothing is visible, only the lust is visible everywhere.

Now divine vision will be available to those who follow brahmacharya 

1. With this vision, the eyesight will increase and you will be able to see what the common eye cannot see, whether it is too small or distant.

2. Divinity will come in your eyes and as soon as you close your eyes and look at the future of yourself or someone, the future will be visible to you, this is called Drishti Siddhi, when you do not see obscene and sensual things with your eyes at all, then the truth in your eyes Come, you can already see your future dream come true and the dream will come true as you have seen

Like the airplane was not made but the one who discovered it already saw it and made it as it saw it and made and flew as it saw it. This is the divine vision that comes from the observance of brahmacharya.

3. From this point of view, you also remember your past completely. And you can see it with your eyes closed.

You will ask such questions from which you can see the past of anyone, where will the person ask such questions, he is walking in his own hell.

4 With this divine vision, a person can see the possibilities in those difficulties which an ordinary person considers difficult.

90th benefit of Brahmacharya - getting willpower

One who fulfilled the vow of brahmacharya by controlling his senses. His willpower increases manifold.

Ram Prasad Bismil had the same desire for brahmacharya because he had followed the vow of brahmacharya till his martyrdom. He wished to be sacrificed for the country, that too God fulfilled

he also said

सर फरोशी की तमना अब हमारे दिल में है 

देखना है जोर कितना बाजुए कातिल में है 

Ram Prasad ji has written in his Aatma Katha that all the great men who followed brahmacharya got who they wished.  

With this willpower, Rama killed Ravana. He swore that till I do not destroy the sinner Ravana, I will do whatever I want to fight. Truth always wins

With this willpower, Hanuman set fire to the whole of Lanka.

This willpower made Devarat Bhishma and he swore that death would come according to my wish, so it happened.

It is the result of strong willpower that Chandrashekar Azad did not come to the hands of the British till the end and the British could not catch him alive.

They said

खायी है कसम 

नाम आजाद है आजाद रहूगा मरते दम तक 

 He got strong willpower from unbroken brahmacharya, he did not let even a drop of semen go to waste.

This was the power of brahmacharya, in Maharana Partap and Shiva ji who swore that they would never be slaves during their life and they made it true with their willpower.


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Swami Dayanand Naturopathy Hospital: 100 Benefits of Brahmacharya - Part 18
100 Benefits of Brahmacharya - Part 18
Swami Dayanand Naturopathy Hospital
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