How to Relieve Varicocele Pain

 Varicocele pain happens because blood is not going to heart and when there is collection of toxin blood in your scortum, it start pain. So, following are the simple steps to relieve pain of varicocele.

1. Circulate Blood with More Walking and Varicocele Asanas

I recommend all to walk 20 kms per day. If not, you must 10 kms, walking will help to strong your blood circulation system. With this, your varicocele pain will remove and you will feel relax.

Asanas are great. I researched 10 great asanas for healing varicocele. You must do it daily. Watch and learn from following video 

2. Sitting Less 

Long time sitting adverse effect on the blood circulation. So, better is stand and move or rotate your body. It will give varicocele pain relief.

3. Do daily 30 Minutes Exercise

It will pump your blood fastly and your blood circulation system will fast and your varicocele pain will heal. 

4. Positive Daily Talk

Self positive talk is so great power.

Every day say

I am feeling less pain

I am feeling now no pain

I am feeling, my pain is decreasing

Today, I am not experience of pain 

This is magic and your varicocele pain will heal with these positive words

5. Spend time on gratefulness what you have instead feeling pain

In this word, everything is limited

You can eat limited food

You can travel limited area

You can spend limited money as you have 

You life is limited

One of great thing is your time is also limited 

Now, it is your choice. Where you have to spend your time

Feeling more and more about pain or 

Spending time to write thanks what you have and who gave you support

For example

I have written 

God has given me two great eyes to see the world. I am thankful to god. For thinking and writing these words, I spent time. Mind can do one work one time, either feel pain or either focus on your desire to gratitude. 

6. Overcome your stress with my 10 Secret Codes of Happiness

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