Top 2 Positive Actions to Overcome Your Negative Emotions


Hello dear friends I am Dr. Vinod Kumar

Today I tell you how you can control your negative emotions.

Friends, a friend questioned that there is too much negativity in him, there will be any problem, he will feel that he has a very serious illness and while doing this motion, he will spend four to five hours like this and fear will rise like this and the next day, He will see that his temperature has increased, he has become sick, a small cough problem has started. His temperature goes to 103. He is fearing  in his mind and any thing will happen in the house, he will be very stressed. So the question is whether this negativity can be removed? As a naturopathy doctor yes, it can be removed from the natural way, no situation can come from you, so let us learn today how to control it.

 I'll give you a demo for that

Look at this car, friends, this is the car of life, you have seen a lot of your friends who have driven a car.

So that car has five gears, one ravers gear has five forward ravers gears

 So this car has only two gears, a negative gear and a positive gear.

You may have any event, no one can harm you, no one will give you any problem , no one can give you any trouble. The second party which has given you trouble, but you are sitting in the car of your life, sit in this car. Now you have gear in your hand. Have to go in negative emotion or go to positive emotion gear, don't know whether you have to do it or not, you have to do it, you have to do it, you have to take the best decision, other will hurt you, then you will feel hurt or you will not feel hurt, it is your personal choice.

 Someone insulted you, you can be negative either and started to hate him or her or be peaceful, it is in your hand, it is in your hand that you have such an event at that time what gear, you will take, it is totally in your hand. 

Forward gear is positive gear and back gear is negative gear. If you back it up, then all the physical disorders will come in your notice, your fear will become your real physical disease. 

If you put it in the front and by bringing positive thought, then how do we put it, I am going to tell you that we have to take positive action and same positive action will overcome your all negative emotions.

Two Major Positive Actions for Overcome Your Negative Emotions

First: Positive Action: Laugh

You have to laugh, there is no issue, only you have to feel, you have got an attack of laughing, then at that time you have to control over the emotion and change it in your moment, you have to laugh in happiness. 

Think, you have forgot everything and laugh

Think, your problems will solve today and laugh

Think, other will change their attitude toward you and laugh

Think, your all dreams will true today and laugh

Think, you deserves for your own happiness and laugh

Think, you have the power to forgive who do not deserve and laugh

Think, this is the fun time and laugh

Think, you are in dance party and laugh

Think, you are eating your favorite dish and laugh

Think, you have become more intelligent and laugh

Think, you are fully healthy and fit and laugh

Think, you have enough what you want and laugh

Think, you have ability to be positive and laugh

Think, no one can make you aggressive and angry and laugh

Think, you are in love and laugh

1st (A) Know the Benefits of Lauging Positive Emotion

Following is the list of benefits of laughing

1. Heal Diseases Fast with Laughing

With laughing,  you can relax your body and your all Stress will disappear

 Do not know, how to laugh, Start laughing with fake laughing cry. Always do fake acting, so if you want to happy, after some time, you will automatically start real laughing.

Today one of my patients told me that it was a long time ago that I had received a report that I had received a positive report of hiv, I am afraid now my life will be over, today again the report has come, it is saying that I am not hiv positive.  He just followed my advice in past and laughed daily  and the problem will be over by smiling and laughing. 

Because you have taken positive action on it, the car will come forward, the car will not go back, it is a benefit, your immune system becomes solid, it may be that he has accepted my point and is laughing and all his virus will be killed. Yes, your all infection will remove, if you will start laughing daily. 

2. Laughing Makes Feel Good Chemicals

 Feel good chemical when you laugh. When you smile, there is a chemical inside your brain of feel good, then this brain makes it and it will send good chemical in whole body's blood.  You know that there are arteries in your body and there are veins, these will be full of feel good chemical . With this, you stand with a strong intention, you feel that your life is progressing day by day.

Important Fact : the child laughs 400 times in day and smiles 400 times a day and young and big men do not smile and laugh such a time.  Only ten times in a day, that is reason, they have the negative emotions but child have only positive emotion.

 Negative Feeling is back gear that will carry you to physical diseases.stop this gear, control it, instead of going into this emotion, you have to take positive action.

Smiling means that the face of being in a smile and you can see your face on your mobile. You feel, you are  happy, then it is possible that 

your level will reach from 10 to 400, after every duty you should have a gap of 15 minutes to laugh and smile.

Strategies of Laughing 

1.  First Strategy of Laugh: Laugh with Students in Public Area

If you work for 12 hours, then every 15 minutes in it, you have to laugh.  then how to laugh and how to make your habit, we make this strategy, everyday, laugh 10 minutes in public place. Some of you have students, make them sit also and go openly laughing as you go, as soon as you laugh, you will be in all time laughing emotions  and negative emotions will be over.

Second Strategy of Laughing : Laugh and Dancing in Close Room

Close your self in a room and start dancing and laughing 10 minutes daily.

Again listen,  Second 10 mint dosing, if you are locked in your room, then there are different ways you can dance. When you dance, if you dance, then you will reach that mental level happiness, then you will feel that everything is fine then automatically will fine, you keep laughing and keep dancing together.

Mind should think that this man is in very good  environment, so he will enjoy it, we have to give him a dose of laughing during dancing. If you want to give a dose of laughing to your mind, then he will drink it, he will become powerful in it. Imagine, you have happy party  the environment and you have to dance in it. 

Third Stretegy of Laughing : Go to Public Place and Take the Smile Selfi With Friends

Just for 10 minutes, you go to the public place, laugh, second always smile on the face, smile should always be on your face. Start to capture your selfi with unknown person in this smiling face. 

Second: Positive Action: What Remember About Past: Only Happy Memories

What think About Future : Only Hopeful and Happy  Dreams

Suppose a negative emotion has attacked on you, someone is putting your hand in the back gear and put his hand back. Where you will meet only 




All are negative emotions which came from your bad experience in past. Forget it and only remember past happy achievements. For future, only think happy dreams which you have to fulfill and it is the reason you are here in this world and you have to complete all such dreams. 

If your family member or any person who brings negativity for you. you simply do not focus on them. Be eagle and fly high for your dreams alon. 

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