Simple Formula of Controlling Anger

 From billions of years, human being is wasting his energy in Sex, anger, greed, attachment and ego. If he will able to use his energy in his biggest goal. It is sure, he will get success. Whether, he wants to fit, whether, he wants to cure his disease, all five should be in control. Today, we have to focus on anger. 

Today, I am giving a very simple formula to control the anger which I invented with my 15 years continually research on control of anger. 

Anger Control = F+T+H+ L = PEACE

Now, understand this formula

F = Forgive

T = Thankfulness

H = Humbleness

L = Love

If we sum of all these attitude in your mind, you will increase the environment of peace. Anger will leave the place

F = Forgive

If you are anger with other. If other will anger with you. If two persons are enger and you have taken decision to bring peace between them.

If you are anger. Stop few seconds and Start to say yourself. 

I have forgiven  his mistake. 

He does not deserve for forgive but I deserve for peace and happiness, so, I forgive and forget.

If other will anger with you. Say, please forgive me. I think, I did the mistake ( Even you did not do the mistake but speaking without tongue, I did mistake for connecting with you. No, problem, I forgive myself. I want to good sleep this night, so, I forgive and forget this talk and this person ) 

If two persons are talking in angry voice. Start to say to each other. Forgive each my dears. Only use this word

T = Thankfulness

If you are anger with other. Stop few second. Check whether, you have made his notebook of thankfulness or not. If yes, start to read the kindness of same person. If not, write the kindness of same person and in your own mind, give thanks and forgive his or her today mistake. It is the gift for his or her all past kindness.

Say in your mind

I remember his kindness and I am always grateful for this. So, due to this, I forgive his today mistake. I spend my time to remember all the things which he deserves for thanks.

H = Humbleness

Instead anger with anyone, start to follow the attitude of humbleness

Water makes the way because, it has humbleness but stone rock becomes barrier because it has ego.

If you have the humbleness, you listen more and talk less. 

L = Love

Instead anger, bring love in mind. Love is name of care of other instead fulfill your own selfish motive.

Bring love in your eyes. Bring love in your tongue. Bring love in your brain. Bring love in your heart.

Remember always this formula when you are angry, when there are angry people near to you.

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