Why should you Overcome Your Suicide Thoughts

If you have to overcome your suicide thoughts, your big why is so important, because this will give you all time energy and tolerate all problems and current bad situations.

1st Why : You are not Creator of Your Human Body Machine and Creator God has made you for using your full potential INSTEAD wasting of Time

Main reason of your all negative thoughts because you have wasted your time and energy useless work instead practice for reaching yourself at highest potential. You have the ego and think, you have the right to kill yourself. Come out of this with this reason. 

Remember, you are not the creator of this machine. Creator has given all equipment in your body to get success in the any area of your life in very short time. You have the brain to get idea for fast success.

You have hand and foots for action. You have the heart, liver and kidney. No can make this. Surrender yourself in the foot of God

2nd Why : Read the History and You Feel Lucky in this time

If you are killing yourself. Wait just 1 hr before suicide and read all the history of the world. Today, we are very lucky. We are living a democrative country with full of freedom. Many years ago, there was king system and we human being are bought and sell in the market for service of kings. There was not drinking water. There was no good roads. There was not electricity. There was lots of struggles in the past life and today, there is big invention of internet to solve your problems fastly. We faced big world war 1 and world war 2 and many people were killed. With this history reading, you will feel hopeful. That we have to thankful to our scientists who invented the electricity, mobile, internet, laptop and all the cheap technology for our fast growth and success in the life. With this internet, I started my career on 2008 and today, I am thankful to all because I am earning good earning due this. It was not possible in the past. That is big why

Science and technology will grow and your today problems will solve very soon. So, you need not suicide by becoming hopeless. 

3rd Why : Once Start to Write the Blessings of God

You are suiciding because you are feeling that something is wrong with you and something lack in your life that make you hopeless. 

It is just your biggest life mistake. Every day, I write the count of blessings of God.

  1. I wrote, God has given me home, water, sun and free oxygen.

  2. God has given me the free gift of happy emotions. If I give pressure to my face for smile and laugh, it obeys my order.

  3. God has given me the power of focus. If I focus on the breath in the meditation and say no thoughts for 1 hr. It is possible. Sametime, I feel no pain and feel no any bad situation in my life.

  4. God has given me night gift to sleep and day gift to work hard and get success.

Like this, you can count millions of blessings of God and you will release that you are living in this world as you are living in janat. Be happy and only start to think positive. Life is just for limited time already for count the blessings of god and be thankful for this.

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