Symptoms of a Hernia

There are different types of symptoms which depend on the type of hernia. 

First of all we give the common symptoms of hernia.

1st Symptom : Swelling on same part of Abdomen

Swelling is the body's reaction for injury. Hernia is injury inside in which the hole of inside body's skin has created due to lifting heavy weight or any other reasons of life style. In this swelling, body's part will enlarge. There may be inflammation on same place. When there is any inside or outside injury body will give heat in first stage by increasing blood flow. 

2nd Symptom : If you will life heavy weight, you will feel pain on the place of hernia which is the symptom that you have the hernia.

You will feel pain because your body is releasing chemical to cure you. At this time, your duty is to protect for further damage by stopping lifting any weight.

3rd Symptom. your intestine feels come out of your inside hole and you can feel the lump on same place.

Because there is cut inside the skin and from this hole type cut, your intestine may come which may be painful for you. 

4. If you have hiatal hernia, you may feel chest pain and swelling on the chest. 

5. In hiatal hernia, you may feel the acidity and coming acid in the mouth.

6. Sometime your intestine hole captures in the hole of hernia and it is the time of emergency to take positive steps to heal hernia naturally.

7. You may feel difficulty in bowel movement and may constipation all time.

8. You may long cough. 

There may be other reason of long term cough like weakness of your lungs or air tube blockage but hernia is also reason for cough. 

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