Why should not Blind Trust on Allopathic Doctors

You know there are 4 main system to cure your diseases. You may choose one or two or all. It is is your decision. You can go to allopathic medicines for treating your problem. You can choose Ayurveda medicine to cure your problem. You can go naturopathy treatment for solving your problem. Naturopathy has zero side-effect. Allopathic medicine has lots of side effects, reactions and harmful effects on the other parts of the body. So, here, I am making list which you will make you careful to eat allopathic medicine.

1. Read the Use of Medicines On Google Before Eating it

When you go to any allopathic doctor, they do not all the test of your body. They listen your symptoms and decide to write the medicines on this basis. Now, you have the list of these medicines. As a good patient. It is your duty to search the use of these medicine on Google because allopathic doctor may confuse or could not understand your symptoms.

For Example, you have skin allergy. But doctor may give you migraine treatment medicine. But you do not have any anxiety or migraine. So, you check its use and stop it to eat. Because it will give side effect and not good effect.

2. See Body Reaction and Stop Medicine

Some time allopathic doctor gives the medicine but your body do not absorb same medicine. So, see is there any rash on the body or any other side effect. If yes, stop immediately because if it is for 7 days. Never wait more because your reaction will increase with this.

3. Stop If your Problem has Solved

Some time allopathic doctors suggests to eat more days the medicine but your problem has already stopped. So, you can stop it and follow other natural food which will increase your immune system.

4. Solve Small Problems Naturally instead All with Allopathic Medicine which is Given by Allopathic Doctor

Every small issue like constipation, loose motion, headache and overweight can easily solve with naturally. If every-time you go to allopathic doctor, you may invite lots of other diseases also in the form of side effects and if you try to cure the side effects, you will face other problems. 

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