Relationship between Income and Weight Gain

Are you struggling the weight gain? Have you financial stress? Do you not have regular income source? Do you know your increase in income can solve your weight gain problem? Because there is direct relationship between your income and weight gain. Ok, I am explaining about this.

1. You can Drink Regular two time Milk with Increase in your Income

If you have less income, you are unable to pay the bill of two time minimum one liter milk. Fresh milk is very necessary  for weight gain because it has good amount of protein and calcium. But these days, increasing the inflation, there is adverse effect on the price of milk and its price has increased.

So, less drinking of milk means less power. Minimun per month cost is Rs. 3000

So, you have to first focus to earn money and invest it buying of milk and drinking it.

2. You can Use Regular Desi Ghee with Your Good Income

If you use desi ghee 5 to 10 spoon in your Daily milk, it is sure, your weight will increase fastly. Desi ghee is 10 times costly from milk. But it is must because it has good fat. It will not disease but give power and weight gain healthy and balanced. You must minimum Rs. 500 per month on Desi Ghee for weight gain.

Again, you have to increase your earning. For increasing earning, you have to focus passive resources of your earning. First is saving of money and invest in Govt. FDs and earning through Monthly Earning Schemes ( MIS )

3. You can Eat Dry Fruits Regular with Your Good Income

If you have good income, you can buy all dry fruits and eat with your two times daily milk and desi ghee. With this, it is guarantee, you will gain your weight. Dry fruits have double price of desi ghee.

For getting it regular, you need to earn more. So, desire of earning more is totally connected with weight gain. For earning more, you have to save money regular more because saving will stable your regular passive income because you can got opportunities of higher income regular by investing money in it. Minimum RS. 3000 invest on dry fruits.

4. You can Eat Fruits and Green Veg. Raw Daily with Your Good Income

As doctor, I recommend you to eat regular fruits and green veg. raw regular for weight gain. Less weight brings lots of diseases. You can buy it, if there is money in your pocket. Money can come in your pocket if you earn more money. You can earn more money if you will make desire to earn more money. You have to focus on your ability and boost your self confidence to earn more money. Minimum Rs. 3000 invest on fruits and green veg.

5. You can Pay Gym Fees with Your Good Income

If you want to increase your weight, you need to join gym and do workout daily for better digestion of food and gaining your muscles mass. Now, gyms are not free. You need to pay its bill. It can be possible with earning good money and invest in it.

6. Eating Daily Cooked Food

In cooked food, you need to eat daily 12 roti and 4 katori dal. Whether you make it in home or buy from outside, it is not free. You need to pay for this. So, if you do not have the source of earning, it will be difficult to you for paying for this. Less supply of energy to body, you will not able to fulfill your desire of your weight gain. So, start to focus to earn more money first. Minimum Rs. 3000 invest on cooked food.

7. You have to Live Good Temperature for Weight Gain

For weight gain, you need to live in the temperature of 20 to 25 degree because it is good temperature for weight gain. For this, you need to use water cooler in summer and heater in winter. For this, you have to pay electricity bill. For paying electricity bill, you need to earn more money.

Following are some tips to earn more for better weight. 

(A) Write your blog daily and earn regular income from advertising companies like Google adsense and infolinks

(B) Write eBook daily  and Earn money by Selling it. I have written and I have earned regular money through selling it on my own website and other ecommerce websites like amazon, flipkart and google play store.

(C) Make YouTube Video Daily and Earn Regular income from YouTube Partnership

( D) Learn any Skill and become the expert in it and get regular fees from your clients. For example, I have learned naturopathy skill and I got regular fees from patient for providing the service of curing their diseases naturally.

(E) Invest Money in the Shares of Good Company and Earn Regular Dividend

(F) Plant the Trees and Earn Money in the saving of Cost of buying fruits

(G) Use Solar Energy and Earn money in the form of Saving the bill of electricity.

(H) Save Your Money in RD and FD. I saved the money and I got my passive income through MIS Regular.

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