How can I Build Confidence in Myself?

By asking  this question, you are ready to believe that confidence is muscles and it can be built like building of human body muscles in the gym. Now, for building your confidence muscles, you need to be disciplined upto achieve your this goal.

If a person will go one day to gym and will not go next 15 days to gym. If a person do one day hard gym exercise and next day try more hard, he will totally break. Because his gym is not planned. Like this, if you want to build confidence, you need also planning for getting Success.

You also need to eat good diet if you are doing gym weight lifting exercise. In this diet, you need to drink 2 Litre milk, eat 12 banana and mango and 12 chapati + dal daily. You also eat dry fruits and use the desi ghee and butter. If you will not eat the diet, you will start to kill your muscles instead building it big. Like this, you need also the diet of motivation continually if you are learning to make the muscles of your self confidence.

In end, you need to keep patience and slowly grow, your self confidence and after 6 months to 1 year, you see that your muscles has totally built and it can show in the selfi.

Now, we are starting to Highlight all above points for building your muscles of confidence.

1st Step # Work on Planning for Building of Your Self Confidence

I am giving the great plan to you.

First find anything in which you are good.

First find anything which do you love to do.

First find anything in your own life which you think you are able to do with passion.

This is Your WHAT 

It may be singing

It may be dancing

It may be acting

It may be stage public speaking

It may be comedy

It may be teaching

It may be training

It may be learning

It may profession of CA, Accountant, Doctor, engineer, mechanic, plumber, cook, entrepreneur, investor or driver

It may be your health

It may be your fitness

It may be your sport

It may be your invention

It may be your job

It may be your business

It may be painting

It may be drawing

It may be game

It may be language

It may be translation

It may be photography

It may be videography

It may be writing

It may be printing

Second is Your Why

You love to do it

You love to learn more in this

You love to grow this skill

You love to creative this

You love to spend more time in it

You feel proud to do it

You feel able to do it

You can enjoy in it

You feel comfort in it

You can take challenges in it

You can bring new innovation in it

You think, you can success in it

Now third is very important , your HOW 

If you got the answer of your two, you need to find answer three.

How to confident in it

And I am giving the answer

Just focus your this plus point, your above strength or your ability. Yes, it is at beginning point, you have to develop it by taking Next second Step

Before this, you have to stop your focus on all other things which are not relating to this. If you want to become painter, stop your focus on your boyfriend, energy will centralised on one point. First success in and then anything after this.

IF you want to become fitness trainer, focus on it, stop to make girlfriend. By focus on girlfriend, you are just leakage of your energy from your mission of becoming fitness trainer.

2nd Step # Give Time to build your Ability for Advance Level

After one time focus on it, you have to start full time focus on your ability for carry it advance level.

Daily do what you love. Stop spend your time to do other things.

Spending time in what do you love means you are developing your good habit of doing what do you love.

This is your one good habit for building self confidence in any area do you want to get success.

Now, there are also 1000+ good habits

You must be good healthy life style. For this, get up early and go to practice of your skill. More practice, your skill more develop.

You must sleep early in the night. It will give you more energy to think better for bringing your skill advance level.

You have also save your energy from sex, anger, hate, jealousy, ego, guilt and spend it to developing your skill, abilities and strength points. You also stop to think

Who will appreciate me if I will be successful

This is greed of appreciation

Greed is negative emotion

You say

What will happen if I will fail

It is also fear

It is negative emotion

Stop it and start to make positive emotions enjoy life greed free and fear free.

Focus on love, trust, optimism, hope and smile and laugh

and all give you power to build your self confidence.

3rd Step : Slow But Long Time Practice

Never hurry because hurry gives you worry. Worry, anxiety and stress is the enemy of building self confidence. Do practice of your skill, passion or ability for one year  or more and then see its result.

I have explained its detail in following video. Watch also its detail. Please never forget to share this.

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