Natural treatment of Cold

Today, we treat cold with natural way. In simple language, cold is the problem of cough due to deficiency in your body's immune system. In some cases, you will feel cold in summer due to decreasing your body temperature.

There are two basic reasons of this cold. First is your outside temperature is changing. In India, there are two months are season changing months. One is April and Second is Sept. In April, we go from winter to summer and in Sept., we go to winter from summer. Our brain controls the temperature, when there is very fluctuation in outside temperature, it does not work properly and you may face cold in these two months. That is normal.

Second reasons is your stomach problem. If your stomach is not normal bowel pass or you are facing constipation, it is sure, you will face the cold.

So, if you are the cold, you can treat it naturally with following steps.

1. Use Adrak Baf for 5 to 10 minutes

Just boil the adrak and inhale its smell for 5 to 10 minutes. It open your body skin holes and your dust will get out from body through sweat and you will get relief from cold.

2. Drink Adrak Boil water

Just take 100 gram adrak and boil it on fire and when it is half, stop fire and after cool it, please drink it. It will help to remove your cold.

3. Boost Your Immune System by Long Walk and Hard Exercise

Daily go for long walk and do some hard exercise. It will strong your immune system and your cold will remove.

4. Clean Your Stomach with Enema

Just take 1/2 ltr water and add it in your stomach by enema and after 1 minute of enema, go to toilet and clean your stomach. With in few minutes, your cold will remove with this positive action.

5. Never Eat Oily Food

More eating oily food will adverse effect on your chronic cold. Just stop it and you will get relief from your cold.

6. Drink Boil Water

Boiled water drinks help to remove your cold. It will free from all water dust. 

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