5 Natural Solutions that Permanent Cure of Cervical Spondylosis

When a person faces the cervical spondylosis or cervical pain, he or she runs to doctor and medical shops and buys big pain killers or buy injections  and eats or send injection in the blood but they did not get permanent cure of their cervical.

When I say that as doctor, I can cure your this problem permanent naturally. Patient says that Dr. Vinod, I will die with this pain if I will leave these pain killer. What is this, this is the fear in the mind of patient which makes them paralyse to make better decision. No issue, my work and my duty is to teach the best way and rest is on the patient which decision he or she will take.

In our backbone, there is the chain like structure. There are discs in each join of backbone and there is also space between two joins.Not just backbone but all the joins have some space to flexibility for the movement in each bone. If due to mistake of your healthy life style if the space of disc in neck bone decreases. Due to this, there is decrease of flexibility of neck. Due to lack of flexibility, if you will move your neck, you will feel the pain. We have to lots of time, move our neck. At that time, the patient will face the pain. This pain is due to cervical spodylosis.

I know this cervical spondylosis can be a painfully experience. Even you will follow natural rules, it will also give you pain but this pain and pain from disease has big difference. Following the natural rules can turn your this disease into health.

Its name is also called cervical osteoarthritis because inflammation in your joints. There are also other reasons like you did gym workout and faced this due to pressure on neck bone. Due to this, space of disc of neck bone has decreased. Except this, there may be fat between the space of neck bone and you feel pain when you turn your neck.

Ok, now start to read the simple 4 solutions that permanent cure of cervical spondylosis naturally.

1st Solution
Live Stress Free Life 

You know that stress is the part of life, it will not close but yes, we can live stress free life with  stress.

In stress, you will fear of future anxiety and guilt for past mistakes. Due to this, your neck muscles will have the stress. Due to this, there will have the stress in the neck bone joins. There are 7 bones of neck and and all are full of stress with your life's different issues stress.

Now, we are telling you very easy and very best way to free from this stress. Start to do helpless activities for helpless animals and helpless human beings.

By doing selfless activities for helpless, you will get love and only love can free you from stress. With love, you will get happiness and satisfaction.

For helping helpless animal, you can do some easy works. Give them food

For cows, cut the grass and give them helpless cows.

For dogs, buy some milk and give helpless dogs

For cats, buy some milk and give helpless cats

For birds, buy some food and give them helpless birds

For helpless human beings, buy some notebooks and free distributes to helpless students

buy some fruits and give it to helpless and hungry people.

With this, all muscles will relax. Never hesitant that it is difficult or I have no money.

This difficulty will relief and relax your stress muscles. If no money, give your time for helpless. Join volunteer. For example, you can dub this content in your language. It is also helpless activity and gives you happiness. All volunteering work will inflow of love, inflow of happiness and inflow of satisfaction in your life. It is the permanent solution of your cervical spondylosis.

2nd Solution
Live Stress Free Life 

There are lots of neck exercises which give permanent cure of your cervical spondylosis. Here, we are teaching you some.

a) Left and right the neck exercise

In this exercise, we first left the neck and slowly then right turn of our neck. With this movement, you will feel relief from pain.

b) Up and down turn of neck

Do 5 to 10 times this exercise

c) Bend right and left of neck exercise

This exercise gives more flexibility in neck discs.

d) Rotate your neck right and left and also 360 degree.

3rd Solution
Walk Morning and Evening 

Daily walk 1 hr morning and 1 hr evening and free from cervical spondylosis naturally. If you walk daily, you will not see this problem in future and you can rotate your neck any area without any problem.

4th Solution
Walk Morning and Evening 

Just plant the fruits which did not come in the market. Eat that fruit. It has extra nutrition to permanent cure your cervical spondylosis. Walking burns the fat and increases the rate of your success and cured person from cervical spondylosis.

5th Solution
Rest is the Best Medicine 

Never do office or home work on laptop or mobile if you have cervical spondylosis. Give rest your neck from these digital equipment. With this rest, you will cure fast. Never continually bend for watching movie on mobile or laptop. Also rest from gym workout. Give your leave to gym owner. Go to natural place and enjoy picnic.

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