How to Celebrate Hiroshima day | Hiroshima Peace Memorial Ceremony 2019

6th August 1945 was the day in the history when human beings used a nuclear weapon for killing human beings. More than 150,000 innocent people had been killed in Hiroshima in Japan in same day. Actually, it was the action of unpeaceful mind for making other mind unpeaceful.

This action gave big pain to human being which is unable to forget any human being who love peace in the world. But this pain gives lesson to all of us that we should have to complete ban of nuclear weapons in this world.

We have to celebrate Hiroshima day on 6th August 2019 or Hiroshima peace memorial ceremony  6th August 2019 with the determination and promise that

1. We will not Hate and Anger with other Human Being in this World 

Our mind's hate and anger energy is main responsible for bringing more and more production nuclear weapons for killing human being. Whole world economy are wasting their money in it just for fearing because their mind have hate and anger.

When we bring love, trust good qualities in our mind. We need not fear. Love is the power to win the mind of other. Love is the key of success. Love is fire to melt the hard mind of other. If we have love human beings, we have to use appreciation them instead criticism and backbite.We have to cut own tongue who does not appreciate other. If we love our enemy, they will our friends. If we love our friends, they will our brothers.

I have explained it in following videos about how to overcome hate and anger. Please must watch and start to commit to overcome to our own mind's hate and anger.

2. We will Bring Peace in Our Own Mind

If all the country and its people  have the peace in mind, all  nuclear weapons can be terminated or can be used nuclear energy for welfare of human beings. Millions of people are poor, helpless with lots of diseases and unable to grow in the life. With peace of mind, we have to use same energy for their welfare instead killing them. No peace can come by disturb the peace of other. Peace is already inside, we have to meditate and focus to awake. I have expalined  in following video - the simple steps to get peace of mind and it will carry us to peace of world.

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