What is Fatty Liver Disease?

Our Liver is the engine of our human body. It does 500+ work in a day without tired. Whether, there is the duty of making new blood, detox the poison from blood, help in digestion or control BP by releasing the good chemicals, we should thankful to God million times for this great kindness for us by making our healthy liver. Healthy liver also burns our eaten fat naturally through bile and it burn fat like we clean kitchen equipment with washing powder. Liver’s gallbladder bile works like this. After detox from liver, same blood will go to kidney and heart and circulate whole body. If liver is damage, blood will be full of toxin and damage your kidney, heart and whole body organs.  

Due to your healthy life style mistakes, you make yourself the patient of fatty liver disease. There is no accident outside but you send wrong food, wrong thinking in this body. You also spent your wrong time. All the factors which are responsible of fatty liver. When dustful add collected in liver due to over supply of bad quality fat to bady, liver will fatty  and its all cells will be full of fat and you will be capture in the grip of fatty liver disease. After this, your liver will unable to do his functions properly. 

OK, now good news is that it can convert into normal liver from fatty and inflammation of liver will also remove naturally.

Understand More detail with following Video Tutorial

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