How to Get Self Confidence

If you have any disease and if you are interested to cure and I will ask you one question. Is there any magic to cure you or other's 1000+ disease within one day. You may say yes. You want to get medicine, you may say If you get a good doctor of the surgery, you can get health. I say no. Without your own self-confidence, no medicine, no surgery, no doctor of the world will cure you. Every failure of your life is your disease, you can cut it with your own self confidence.

If the patient does not have self belief or trust on own ability  then eat one or two million medicines or take millions of rupees for treatment, he can not get healthier whether it is physical health or financial health.

I am here to teach to get self confidence with a simple demo. 

Suppose , there is a ship. You have seen the ship. The patient is sitting on it. He may have thousands plus diseases. Some diseases have arisen from other diseases. Suppose it is obesity, suppose it is a indigestion, believe that it is diabetes. Suppose his BP is high, then he gets another disease fatty liver  as a bonus. So it  is also a heart condition. He wants,  this ship should carry him  to  the other place but  where there are  happiness, peace, happiness and health waiting him. But ship has attached with the grip of rope. This rope is of failure. This rope is of 1000 bad habits, 1000 negative emotions and not control on the tongue. No one can go to other side by cutting this rope of failure. This rope is made of your mind's 1000 fears. Fear of failure, fear of criticism, fear of insult, fear of future, fear of increasing diseases, fear of connecting new diseases and fear of poverty and fear from enemy and fear of loss.

It is necessary to cut this fearful rope. We will have to take the first step to cut it.

First Step: Always focus on your abilities Not on Your Weaknesses

Before you understand this importance. You do not have to do much research to learn this. If you are only 10th class pass, you can learn it. You know, even if you have a lens, sunlight and even paper, then the paper does not get fire. Because you did not pay attention to the new lens above the paper. As soon as you start concentrating, in just a few minutes centralises the entire power of the sun and the paper starts to fire. If you do not even begin to unify you in all the forces in which you are capable, but continue focus, you will be capable of all powers  then You will also be successful and if successful, then your confidence will increase automatically. Never focus on your weaknesses as it will not only reduce the weakness  but more focus on your weakness, it will increase your weakness because the law of lenses is applicable.

See below  how meditation helps in the centralisation of your all power like lens centralised all sun rays on one point and which has power to melt the iron. You can also do this.

If you pay attention to your abilities, you will get unlimited abilities and  then you will be successful and I give guarantee for this. If you are not healthy, by doing this, you will be healthy. If money does not come, money will come. If you are learning some skills, you can learn it better way if you will focus on it. 

You also have everything. You have a habit. whether you have good habits or bad habits, it is also your habit. So, to make any habit anytime, it is your ability. 

Emotions are positive or negative, it happens. You have emotions.

Control on tongue or not control on tongue is your ability. 


You have the ability to make good habits from childhood
You have the ability to create a positive emotion from childhood.
You have the ability that you can calm your mind by controlling your tongue.

You just have to pay attention and you will see that you have made a good habit
You just have to pay attention and you will see that you have made a positive emotion
You just have to pay attention and you will see that you have got control over your tongue

You do not think about fear, at all. The day you start thinking about fear. Suppose, you faced the mis-happening. You went on the road,  your bones were broken and you are in 120 pieces of your bone. Do not worry Do not focus on the problem. This increases the problem forever. Fear can not attach your 120 bones and make you healthy again. You have to make your full attention in making good habits

(A) Focus Your  Ability to Make Only Good Habits

You can only make all your good habit. The more you create a good habit, the better your confidence will increase. Getting up every morning at 3 o'clock is good habit and it will make you morning person. Every morning I wake up at 3 o'clock. Anything happens, I sleep at night before 8 o'clock. I also drink vegetable juice in the morning and I go for a walk everyday. I also exercise daily. You have to also become the slave of your good habits like me. You have the ability to create a habit. Good or dirty. You just have to choose good habit. Creating health motivational videos is my habit. I repeat this habit over and over again. And my self-confidence in this will increase. If you have any qualities, repeat it repeatedly and master it and you will succeed. If you feel the ability to make good painting then concentrate in painting. Do not waste your attention in thinking that I am sick of this disease. I am sick of this, I have this problem. I have that problem. Take a notebook today and make a list of all the good habits which you have to adopt. Man makes habit then habit makes the man. 

(B) Tapping Your Ability to Make Positive Emotions

You have to create a positive emotion or a negative emotion, it is up to you. Someone has given you a thousand abuses, what is your feelings about him, this is your ability. It is called the ability to bear or tolerate. If I got a 1000 abuses from other, I can not hear it even I have ears of good quality but I have avoid my focus from there. Because I become deaf even when I have ears and try to focus my whole attention on that person with love. Let us love a voice with love. When will it happen when you focus. I focus my attention on love and but you focus your attention on hate when other abuse you. 

Fire is both side. The fire of my love will give me self-confidence and your fire will burn you in the fire of hatred. Everything depends on your direction of your focus. If you have the laugh,  happiness, on confidence, being optimistic and gratitude emotion, you will see change in your personality. You will have one thing which  next 10 people will not have that will be your self-confidence with positive emotions.

 You are the sun and you have a lens of  mind and you have to focus your mind to fire the paper.

You have the ability to make the emotions. You have to control your mind and bring only positive emotions in it and you will get success because with this focus, you will increase the ability of success. Ability attracts the ability. Weakness attracts the weakness. Focus on the ability, gets more ability. Focus on weakness, get more weakness. Simple Rule. 

A person who has closed his eyes or who is blind, does not make any difference if you stand naked or wear clothes. If this happens then you will not see person who is insulting you in front of everyone. Because you have controlled your focus where you have to use it. Everything that is in this world is nothing  for you unless you pay attention on it. By pay attention, you make the powerful to anything. 

 And do not even pay attention on yourself. Just meditate you have to prepare yourself to increase your power. Think positive, get positive emotions. Think negative get negative emotion. Only focus on the positive emotions, get success. Only focus on negative emotions, get failure. 

If someone shows you a drunken person, then when you keep this feeling that it is my friend, but it is drinking alcohol, let it die and what should I take action? Human being should not be content with  own advancement, but he should feel happy to promote all.  That alcoholic person should be brought to good living. This is the positive sentiment. Encourage that alcoholic person to quit drinking because of loss of time, loss of health and loss of money. This is the positive emotion of you. Because if you love him, you can do it and you have so much power in your love that he will change.

(C) Control Your  the tongue

The market is full of wrong food items. You have to take a vegetable, or take fruit or take pulses or take things that are harmful for health in the plastic container, it will do it in your earlier decision. If you do not have control over the tongue, then you will eat all harmful food for health. You have to use a pressure cooker or you have to avoid using  pressure for permanently cure from diabetes. It will be decided by your tongue taste. 

Make a habit of eating food without  sweet and without salt, so that your blood pressure remains in your control and your confidence will increase. So you always have to increase your self confidence by taking the above step and following all its sub-steps.

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