15 Natural Ways to Boost Your Immune System

You know the immune system is the main system in every 5 systems to heal all these 5 Systems. Immune system heals digestion system. Immune system heals respiratory system. Immune system heals blood circulation system. Immune system heals bone system. Immune system heals nervous system. Before reading this, Please read our this week contents.

On Monday, I wrote,  5 Proven Ways to Get Happiness with Travelling which helps you to remove your stress and stress is one of biggest reason of decrease your confidence and immune system.

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Following are the 15 natural ways to boost immune system.

1. Walk Long Daily :

 Purify your blood and increase your immune system. Walking helps to get sun energy because we walk outside. Sun energy is the source of boosting immune system.

2. Get Up Early in the Morning : 

Clean your stomach more easily and boost your immune system. More your stomach will clean, more you got blood and your immune system will become solid.

3. Eat Natural Fruits : 

Get energy and increase your immune system

4. Use ginger, garlic and turmeric and claves  in food

In old India, when food was made all these things like Ginger, garlic, turmeric and claves were added and today only artificial things. That is reason people have low immune system. Add them and increase your immune system.

5. Do Om meditation :

 It relax your brain and mind and increase the immune system

6. Never smoking

smoking brings lung cancer and low the immune system. Stop it now.

7. Never Drinking Alcohol

Alcohol kills the liver organ and blood will not become and without blood your immune system will weak.

8. Never feel anxiety and Fear

Anxiety, means if it will happen, then what will happen vicious circle. Come out of it and increase your immune system.

9. Never eat meat, eggs and non veg.

All have fat and which blocks your arteries and decrease your immune system.

10. Never eat artificial sugar

Sugar kills the pancreas and pancreas will unable to make insulin naturally. So, stop to use artificial sugar.

11. Drink Water in morning

Morning drinking of normal water helps to clean your stomach dust and with this, your immune system will increase.

12. Mud Bath

Mud bath clean the poison of body. So, it helps to increase body immune system

13. Oil Massage

Daily oil massage helps to relax the muscle stress and pain and it will increase the immune system.

14. Overcome Negative Emotions

If you have not ego, anger, jealousy, hate, revenge and guilt in your mind, you are the angle of super immune system in this world.

15. Do Yoga Asan Daily

All yoga asanas boosts the immune system.

Do main asanas like padma asan, bujang asan, child pose, tirkon asan, hanuman asan, vajar asan, hl asan.

Bonus Natural Way to Boost Your Immune System

16. Follow Brahmcharya

Brahmcharya means control your mind from 8 lustful actions and save your semen and sperms wasting without achieving the baby goal.

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