How to Practice Brahmacharya

Brahmacharya is great medicine inside of body which stop to increase the Virus of HIV positive and AIDS. It also makes powerful to your immune system. So, you must follow Brahmacharya if you are HIV Positive or not because Brahmacharya is for all. Here, we are explaining simple steps to follow Brahmacharya which we read from books "Brahmacharya Sandesh and Brahmcharya Gorav", you are interested to read, you can can get at and read.

1. Stop to watch for sexual desire.

2. Stop to talk for sexual desire.

3. Stop to play for sexual desire.

4. Stop to touch for sexual desire.

5. Stop to determine to sex.

6. Stop to remember for sexual desire.

7. Stop to hard work for sexual desire.

8. Stop to take Action for sexual desire.

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